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  • I have put together a short description of the best carpet cleaning methods on this page, with links to more in depth information on pages for each of the cleaning methods. There are many Carpet cleaning methods because there are many different kinds of carpet and location.

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  • Bonnet carpet cleaning method, tips and advice. Bonnet carpet cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses an oscilating brush to agitate the carpet cleaning solution into the carpet fibres to loosen the soil prior to extraction by the cleaning bonnet. The bonnets are extremely absorbent towels that wipe the soil from the carpet fibres and are able to be washed in a washing machine to be re-used on the next days work.

  • Reviews of brick cleaning products

  • Reviews for car cleaning products

  • Carpet care and maintenance - Good quality carpeting adds an inviting and elegant touch to your home, but only when you spend time and money on Carpet care and maintenance. As a real affordable alternative to hard floors, your carpet can set the atmosphere for an entire room. This short article discusses some effective, cost-efficient tips to extend the life expectancy of your carpet.

  • Carpet cleaning equipment truckmount reviews, tips and advice

  • Carpet cleaning franchises are an excellent example of businesses that are eminently suitable for the franchise model of business. When considering starting up a business, it is well known that by following the franchise route, you stand a much higher chance of being succesfull. The Carpet cleaning industry is an excellent example of this principle.

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  • Our carpet cleaning machine reviews page covers a wide range of machines from small carpet stain removal machines up to the truck mounted machines used for huge commercial contracts. It is difficult to judge which are the best carpet cleaning machines as there are so many different types of carpet cleaning.

  • Review of carpet cleaning products

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  • Carpet cleaning rental machine reviews, tips and advice

  • Carpet cleaning reviews, tips and advice I have organised these carpet cleaning reviews into Best Carpet cleaning methods, Carpet Cleaning machine reviews and Carpet Cleaning franchises for clarity

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  • Carpet steam cleaning method, tips and advice. When the term Carpet steam cleaning is used, most people actually mean Hot Water Extraction, which is the proper name for this process. There is a carpet cleaning method that involves using steam, but this is not normally used by professional carpet cleaning companies.

  • Ceramic tile cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • CFR Carpet cleaning method, tips and advice. Continuous Filtration Recycling involves the waste water that is drawn out of the carpet, being passed through a number of filters and then being returned to the solution tank. This enables the cleaning technician to be able to continue working without the need to refill the solution tank, for much greater lengths of time.This could result in saving as much as 2 hours cleaning time in a normal cleaning day. This causes dramatic savings in water and chemical usage, cleaning time and therefore increases profitability.

  • This is the method that most people think of when considering how to clean windows using squeege and strip washer is probably the method that has been the most popular for the last 60 years.

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  • Cleaning Brick tips, advice and methods

  • Cleaning Brick drives tips, advice and methods

  • Cleaning Brick paths tips, advice and methods

  • Cleaning Brick walls tips, advice and methods

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  • Cleaning Decking tips, advice and methods

  • Cleaning laminate flooring tips, advice and methods

  • Reviews of cleaning products for each of the methods covered in this web site

  • Cleaning Tips for Patio Furniture - There is nothing worse than planning that first barbecue of the season, purchasing all the right food, inviting the friends around and then realising as you look to sit down with your hot, barbecued food, that the seats are all filthy.

  • Cleaning Vinyl Siding tips, advive and methods

  • Cleaning window blinds is an area of cleaning that is growing in popularity due to the increase in the use of blinds in comparison to curtains.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning machines information ontheir uses and manufacturers

  • Garden Composting is a good way to make use of kitchen and garden waste. It has the added benefit of producing excellent fertilizer in-situ. It can also help to reduce your gardening costs and the amounts of chemicals that you use in your garden. Here are some tips I have put together for starting your own compost heap.

  • Computer Case cleaning tips and advice

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  • Computer Keyboard cleaning tips and advice

  • Concrete Floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Conservatory cleaning including Conservatory roof cleaning, Conservatory Gutter cleaning and the cleaning of the Conservatory interior.

  • Conservatory Gutter cleaning - This includes clearing of the inside of the gutters and downpipes of debris, followed by the cleaning of the outside of these gutters and downpipes.

  • Conservatory Interior cleaning including roof panels and interior windows and frames. How to clean the inside of a conservatory roof. Well there are 2 ways that I know of, either using a set of stepladders to reach up, or using an extendable pole.

  • Conservatory roof cleaning tips and advice Conservatory roof cleaning thankfully only comes round once or twice a year. This task can take several hours to complete and involves quite a lot of effort as well as some specialised tools. But the cleaning reults can be quite dramatic.

  • Conservatory roof cleaning methods, tips and advice

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  • There are several methods of Carpet cleaning being used throughout the world, on this page we are going to take a look at the methods that are known as Dry carpet cleaning methods which include Low Moisture Carpet cleaning, Dry solvent carpet cleaning and Dry foam shampoo carpet cleaning.

  • Description of Dry Shampoo Carpet cleaning, tips and advice. This is a system that has been used for many years by householders to clean their carpets. In recent years there have been great advances in the chemicals used and now there are nano chemicals available that can produce excellent results. These systems range from a sponge roller and a small bottle of solution, to electric powered foam producers. Which ever system used the principal is the same, the foam is brushed on to or through the carpet and then left to dry. The residue is then vacuumed off.

  • Dry Solvent Carpet cleaning method, tips and advice The Dry Solvent Carpet cleaning system involves using similar chemicals to those used in Dry Cleaning shops and therefore a great deal of care is needed as well as protective clothing, including gloves and breathing masks. It is rarely used on carpets, but some silk rugs or expensive oriental rugs will need cleaning this way. This method is best left to the experts

  • Hub page for external cleaning methods, tips and advice

  • Flagstone Cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Reviews of floor cleaning products

  • Floor Cleaning Tips are important when contemplating internal cleaning, it is the floor area that will take up the greatest amount of time and effort. As there are a number of different surfaces used for internal floors, we will have to take a look at each of these surfaces.

  • Garden Containers - Colourful Planters - The next tip is simply aesthetic and has nothing to do with the health or attractiveness of the plants. It is obvious there will be less foliage in the winter months and fewer plants are going to be able to bloom. Therefore there will be far less colour in the garden. But by creative use of colourful plant containers, you can keep things looking bright and lively even in the depths of winter. An old wine barrel for example can be painted up to add that old rustic look and a splash of colour.

  • Garden Treatments - If you have been uncertain of the type of Garden Treatments to apply then this is for you. Many people are growing food in their own gardens because they do not know what chemicals and pesticides have been applied to the food they buy in the shops. There are many organic ways to prevent pests from destroying your crops. These methods have been used for many years, are simple to use and effective without damaging to animals or humans

  • Garden Water Conservation - Garden Water Conservation is becoming more important to the many people world-wide who are involved in gardening as a hobby. In this present age, we have to face up to the fact that water is scarce in many areas and is therefore becoming an expensive commodity. So understanding just how much water to apply to your plants is becoming more and more important.

  • Gardening Mistakes - Gardening mistakes can spoil what is for most people a fun activity. So spend some time planning your garden activities to ensure it continues to be a source of enjoyment. A yearly gardening checklist can be a great help in remembering important tasks.

  • Gardening Tips - Some novice gardeners think you can only plant in springtime and pick in the summer months. Basically, they are warm weather gardeners. However, the truth is quite different. With some practical Gardening Tips, you can become a year long gardener and you will not have to put your hobby on hold simply because the weather is cooler.

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  • Reviews of gutter cleaning products

  • Hub page for gutter cleaning methods, tips and advice

  • I will seek to review the gutter cleaning tools that I am aware of, and recommend the ones that are most suitable for the different kinds of premises.

  • I have started with how to clear gutters, because not everyone wants the external surfaces of their gutters cleaning, and for those that do, it is best to start by clearing out the gutters.

  • How to clean gutters involves the cleaning of the external surfaces of the gutters and down-pipes, we normally clean the barge-boards and soffits at the same time. Again there are 3 main ways of gutter cleaning :-

  • hand held vacuum cleaner reviews, tips and advice

  • Hard wood floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Although this web site is about spring clean tips, it does cover many areas of cleaning that take place in summer, autumn, winter as well as the season of spring. Traditionaly it is when the first warm rays of spring sunshine break through the winter gloom, that our minds turn to the cleaning up of the the effects of the winter storms and the short dull days.

  • In this part of the site you will find gathered together many home cleaning tips. Some of these tips I have come across myself, but many of these tips have come from my wife Sue and her friends. I have spent over 27 years in the cleaning industry and have come across many cleaning challenges, and have had to find solutions to these problems, and this is why I have coma across so many Home cleaning tips.

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning tips and advice. So, what is hot water extraction carpet cleaning? Well, basically it is a system that sprays hot water with detergent on to the carpet and then vacuum's it off again, taking with it the dissolved soil. Many people refer to this method as Carpet steam cleaning, which is incorrect, as steam is not used, only hot water.

  • How to Clean Windows Internal covers the different methods used to clean the glass that is used in our modern day houses. As well as glass found in windows, there is glass found in mirrors, and also there are many glass panels in wardrobes.

  • Polishing the external windows includes the removal of the dirty water in such a way that the windows are streak-free and sparkle.

  • How to use ladders, tips and advice

  • Hub page for Internal window cleaning methods, tips and advice

  • Reviews of kitchen cleaning products

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  • Lawn Care - The majority of people, believe that lawn care positively reflects on your home. But, it is often difficult to grow and maintain grass that continually looks good. Quite often the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. If you have been ashamed of your grass then allow this article to encourage you as you turn the situation around.

  • Linoleum floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Low moisture carpet cleaning method, tips and advice. When I first purchased my Low Moisture Carpet cleaning system it was my intention to just use it for the maintenance cleans, as it lends itself to this type of clean very well. But I found that it was well capable of some of the restoration cleans, as well.

  • Marble floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Organic gardening benefits who? I have put together 7 excellent reasons to research organic gardening. These reasons would convince most people that choosing to swap to an organic lifestyle would be well worth the effort.

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  • Quarry Tile floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • As a Window Cleaner I have constantly come across people talking about how self cleaning glass must be threatening my business. But I have to say that it has had no noticable effect upon my particular business. So what is this mysterious self cleaning glass?

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  • Slate floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Solar Energy Pitfalls

  • Solar Panel pay back period will become more and more important as the world's population grows and moves toward a developed lifestyle. Energy consumption will continue to increase, and prices rise increasing the desire for home energy generation systems and Going Green. Recognising whether your system will save you money over the long term will be an important factor in choosing your particular system.

  • If you have been involved in Home Improvements, you could well have wondered whether you could install solar power DIY. This will appeal to those who have a good head for heights, as their will be a good deal of work on the roof, and those with decent electrical skills. If you do not have these skills, you will need to develop them before you start a Home Improvement Project like this. There are a number of courses available on the internet that can help you with this area of training. To help you decide whether you are up to Solar Power DIY, we have put together these few tips for you to consider.

  • When it comes to house hold bills, one of the biggest can be for producing the hot water your family needs. So Solar Water Heating has to be worth investigating. This use of Solar Power should certainly make savings on your electric bill, and could well pay for itself within 2 to 4 years. If you have been considering investing in a solar system and possibly install a solar water heater, the following advice could help you make your decision.

  • Spring Gardening Tips - These Spring Gardening Tips are aimed at helping you to plan your gardening for the year ahead. Gardening is a great deal easier when you have a plan and have well organised tools.

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  • Starting a cleaning business from scratch, how to find customers and organise the business. So what do you need to think about when considering starting a cleaning business? There is an old saying - "Where there's muck there's money" and that is very true. There will always be a need for cleaning companies. The 7 main things to consider when considering starting a cleaning business.

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  • 2 area's to assess when seeking Streak Free Window Cleaning :- How to clean your windows How to polish your windows There are 3 parts to cleaning dirt from windows :- Dilution -The dirt is dissolved using a liquid, such as water. Solution -The dirt is broken down using a chemical, such as a solvent. Agitation -The dirt is loosened by some abrasive action.

  • Terrazzo floor cleaning tips, advice and methods

  • Tomato Growing Even today, many people are surprised when they begin Tomato growing, that Tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable. This juicy fruit is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. Including raw in fresh salads and sandwich preperation, and cooked in soups, pizzas and pasta recipes. Tomato plants are one of the easiest plants to begin growing and see within a few months an edible crop. We have put together a few tips to aid in your Tomato growing :-

  • In Traditional window cleaning the windows were washed using a chamois leather followed by a scrim cloth to polish up the glass. The iconic picture of the window cleaner with ladder on his shoulder and bucket in hand.

  • Upholstery cleaning tips and advice

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  • Upright Vacuum cleaners reviews, tips and advice

  • Reviews of UPVC cleaning products

  • Vacuum cleaner reviews, tips and advice

  • The following Vegetable Garden Tips will help you to plan your future crops and ensure that you enjoy your garden. However, without proper research and planning vegetable garden can be low yielding. If you desire a decent harvest,the following Vegetable Garden tips will help to design a productive garden.

  • This method used to clean windows is not as well known as the other methods. It has been used for over 30 years, but only in the last 10 years has it become popular for residential window cleaning. Previously it was only commercial window cleaners that could afford the costs involved in producing purified water.

  • wet and dry vacuum cleaners reviews, tips and advice

  • Wet carpet cleaning methods

  • Window cleaners chamois leather They need to be soaked overnight in a bucket of water and then rinsed to remove all the leather dust and small pieces of leather and then squeezed to remove excess water, then they are ready for use.These shammy's are sold in different sizes based on their weight.The bigger ones were too heavy, once wet, to work with all day, so we used to use the 10 ounce ones. When people think of window cleaners the window cleaners chamois leathers are a major part of the stereo-typical picture that many see. The idea of the window cleaner riding a bicycle with an "A" ladder over his shoulder and a tin bucket with his shammy leather and scrim cloths is ingrained in many peoples minds.

  • Reviews of Window cleaning applicators / scrubbers / washers

  • Window Cleaning Applicators When I first started to use a squeege to clean windows, I used a sponge to wet the windows, but this meant that my hands were always wet, and so I had skin problems. I was overjoyed to find there was an answer to my problem! Window cleaning applicators.

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  • Reviews of Window cleaning chemicals

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  • Reviews of Window cleaning extension poles

  • Reviews of Window cleaning glass treatments

  • Reviews of Window cleaning insurance

  • Reviews of Window cleaning ladders

  • Reviews of Window cleaning micro-fibre cloths

  • Reviews of Window cleaning micro-fibre pad systems

  • Reviews of window cleaning products

  • Reviews of Window cleaning software

  • Reviews of window cleaning squeeges

  • Window Cleaning Tips and advice for all of the challenges

  • Reviews of Window cleaning trade bodies

  • Reviews of Window cleaning training

  • Reviews of Window cleaning water fed poles

  • Reviews of Window cleaning water purification equipment

  • Reviews of Window cleaning workwear

  • When considering window frame cleaning, we have to realise that there are a number of different materials that have been used, over the years, to manufacture frames that contain our windows. Some of these window frame materials are fairly easy to clean, with others there is a bit more involved.

  • Zero Rez Carpet Cleaning tips and advice.


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