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Window Cleaners Chamois Leathers

 They need to be soaked overnight in a bucket of water and then rinsed to remove all the leather dust and small pieces of leather and then squeezed to remove excess water, then they are ready for use.

 These shammy's are sold in different sizes based on their weight.The bigger ones were too heavy, once wet, to work with all day, so we used to use the 10 ounce ones.

squeege and shammy leather When people think of window cleaners the window cleaners chamois leathers are a major part of the stereo-typical picture that many see.

 The idea of the window cleaner riding a bicycle with an "A" ladder over his shoulder and a tin bucket with his shammy leather and scrim cloths is ingrained in many peoples minds.


What Is a shammy Leather?

  • The Shammy Leather is more correctly known as the Chamois Leather, which is a  Cod-liver oil tanned Sheep or Lamb skin.
  • Used by window cleaners to wash windows without leaving a great deal of water on the cleaned window, enabling the window to be polished up with a scrim cloth.


Why use shammy leather?

  • Shammy leather can be used to dry off surfaces after washing.
  • Due to the soft and absorbent nature of the shammy leather.
  • Dirt  particles are picked up and drawn away from the surfaces being cleaned.
  • The particles are held in the hollow fibres of the chamois leather, diminishing the chance of scratching.

How to look after my chamois leather?

  • After use, wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or a mild non-alkali soap .
  • Wring out the shammy leather to remove excess water.
  • After wringing out then gently stretch the leather.
  • Hang up away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave in hot areas 
  • Take care not to over dry.
  • If leather is stiff, soak for a while and it will regain it's softness.

Window cleaners chamois leathers

  • Nowadays, the shammy leather is losing it's popularity within the Window cleaning industry.
  • This may be due to the present day shammy leathers being processed in a different way to our predecessors shammy leathers.
  • We found that they were not lasting as well as the ones I began window cleaning with in 1983.
  • We used a version of the shammy leather known as a rag tail mop, which was made out of strips of leather threaded onto a string, creating a tight necklace of leather.
  • After washing these mops we would wring them out and then spin them into the air to remove more of the water.


We have noticed that the micro-fibre cloth now appears to be replacing the shammy leather in many window cleaners pouches.





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