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Window Frame Cleaning

 When considering window frame cleaning, we have to realise that there are a number of different materials that have been used, over the years, to manufacture frames that contain our windows. Some of these window frame materials are fairly easy to clean, with others there is a bit more involved.

 I have listed some suggested cleaning methods for the window frame materials that I am aware of :-

(1) Wood - painted
  • If your painted wooden frames are in fairly good condition, then a wash down with warm water and a washing up detergent, using a sponge or micro fibre cloth, should suffice.
  • If the frames are not in good condition or you intend to repaint these frames after cleaning then a different method is needed.
  • Use a stiff hand brush to brush away any loose paint, then wash down with sugar soap, which will rough up the paint surface to give the new paint a good key.

(2) Wood - Stained

These frames can be cleaned with warm water and detergent.

(3) Wood - Varnished These frames can be cleaned with warm water and detergent.

(4) Wood and Aluminium

  • The wooden frames used with aluminium windows tend to be varnished and so can be washed down with warm water and detergent, if the aluminium frames are only slightly soiled then the warm water and detergent should be sufficient.


aluminium frame cleaning 



  • If the aluminium frames are more heavily soiled then they may need a solvent cleaner such as white spirit or turpentine.
  •  If they are really dirty then a non-etching chemical cleaner may be needed.
  • In extreme cases then a wax based polish cleaner used in line with any grain will remove any ingrained grime.

(5) UPVC

The method of UPVC window frame cleaning is to use warm water and detergent with a micro fibre cloth, rubbing along the frame.

 This will remove the dirt and any fly blows and most bird lime.


 If there are marks left on the UPVC frames after cleaning this way, then you can use a UPVC cream cleanser to remove ingrained dirt and stains.

If bird lime is allowed to remain on this type of frame it can eventually burn the plastic and leave a brown mark.

So clean it off as soon as you notice it.

Pinking. - I have come across some UPVC frames that have started to change colour, they begin to turn pink.

 I have found out that this is a manufacturing fault, apparently caused by bad batches of Ultra Violet stabilising chemicals.

 If you notice this happening, it is important to contact your window installation company, as long as you are within the guarantee period they should replace any window frames that are affected.

The very early plastic windows that were installed did not have Ultra Violet stabilisers and discoloured very badly, if you have such windows there is nothing that I am aware of that you can do, other than replace them.





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