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Window Cleaning Applicators

 Window cleaning applicators were not readily available when I first started to use a squeege to clean windows.


 I used a sponge to wet the windows, but this meant that my hands were always wet, and so I had skin problems. I was overjoyed to find there was an answer to my problem!


 The window cleaning scrubber is basically a handle that holds the method of applying the cleaning solution to the glass. Which seperates the cleaners hand from the liquid. It comprises of a "T" bar and a sleeve and there are a variety of sizes and fabrics available.

 The "T" bar can be a fixed component or able to swivel, which is useful for reaching over canopies or conservatories etc. when the applicator has been fitted to an extension pole to reach previously inacessible windows.

 As can be seen in this picture the window cleaning washer is used in combination with a window cleaning solution to wet the window and loosen any soil from the glass before removal by the use of a window cleaning squeege.

 The sleeve for the window cleaning applicators can be made from a number of different fabrics, as they can be used in different situations and therefore need to have different capabilities. The main differences are the ability to hold water and how abrasive the sleeve is.

  When applying the window cleaning solution to the glass, try your best to keep the window cleaning applicators from touching the top of the frame.

 If you can leave a gap of about half an inch, it will help to prevent drips from running down the glass, after you have finished cleaning the windows.





 The first few years I began to use window cleaning strip washers, I would just keep it in my bucket.

 But, then I came across a container that fitted on the trouser belt, it was called a "bucket on a belt".

 This kept the window cleaning scrubber within reach of your hand and saved a great deal of bending down.

window cleaning applicator

 It also has a space for your window cleaning squeege and this means that it keeps your hands free to be able to use both hands when cleaning your ladders.

 I would also have 2 window cleaning pouches on my belt, to keep window cleaning scrim and cloths close for when I needed them. There were also pouches where you could keep note books, wallets, change and your mobile phone. Batmans utility belt has nothing on these window cleaning pouches.

window cleaning tools in bucket

  I later found a version of these "buckets on a belt" that had a quick release mechanism that enabled me to quickly take the bucket off when I needed to drive to the next customer.

 These window cleaning applicators can be fitted to extension poles to enable you to reach higher windows without the need of ladders.


 Some examples of the sleeves that are available for window cleaning washers:-



  • Monsoon          - high water absorbtion and abrasive pad
  • Microstrip         - micro-fibre cleaning with high water absorbtion
  • Standard strip   - standard sleeve
  • Pad strip          - abrasive pad on one side


  • Microsleeve     - scrub pad on one e
  • Dura              - holds lots of water
  • Porcupine       - more abrasive than normal

Wagtail                          - micro-fibre pad for whirlwind

Sorbo                            - high absorbtion sleeve

SYR        Tiger sleeve       - more absorbtion than standard sleeves

Lewi                              - standard sleeves

Pulex       Abrasive           - more abrasive than standard





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