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Water fed pole window cleaning


 This method used to clean windows is not as well known as the other methods.

 It has been used for over 30 years, but only in the last 10 years has it become popular for residential window cleaning.

 Previously it was only commercial window cleaners that could afford the costs involved in producing purified water.

     water fed pole cleaning Water fed pole window cleaning technique

  • This cleaning process requires water that has been purified by passing through a filtration process to remove all chemicals, minerals and dirt particles.

  • This purified water is applied to the glass by a brush on top of an extendable fibre glass pole.

  • The brushes contain 2 small jets through which the water is sprayed onto the glass and then agitated by the brush.

  • The water is pumped up through the poles from a tank in the window cleaning van by battery powered pumps, or from a portable trolley.

  • The dirt that has been loosened by the brush bristles is rinsed off the glass by the purified water.

  • When the window frames and glass have been cleaned and rinsed properly, only pure water is left on the glass and this evapourates off leaving perfectly clean glass.

  • It is important, especially the first time you use the water fed pole window cleaning process, to ensure that the window frames are thouroughly cleaned and rinsed, otherwise dirty water will trickle off these frames on to the cleaned glass.

  • The other area that can cause problems is where there are air vents.If water is sprayed into these vents it is liable to trickle bach out and be dirty. So be careful when cleaning around these air vents.

Window cleaning tips for using extendable poles :- 


cleaning window over conservatory

  • Check for any electricity power lines in the vicinity or on the house

  • Do not use in high winds

  • If moving the pole when fully extended check your route for trip hazards

  • Try to work directly under each window as reaching to the side puts pressure on your back muscles.

  • In sunny weather wear quality sun glasses to protect your eyes from the reflected glare from the windows, and be careful to not look directly into the sun.

  • Wear water-proof gloves to keep hands warm and dry.

water fed pole cleaning

 Obviously this window cleaning method is used by the professionals and involves major financial investment and so is not readily available to the householder.

 There are some residential window cleaning kits available from some suppliers, but you will need to invest a great deal more money than if you intend to buy a strip washer and squeege to clean windows.

 If you intend to clean your own windows and have difficult to reach windows, this could be a good investment over the long term.

Warning - Do not be tempted to buy a cheap water fed pole and connect to your tap, as in most locations tap water is filled with minerals and chemicals and other things and will cause deposits to build up on your glass. It can be very difficult to remove these deposits without scratching the glass.

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