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Streak Free Window Cleaning 

 2 area's to assess when seeking Streak Free Window Cleaning :-
  • How to clean your windows
  • How to polish your windows



There are 3 parts to cleaning dirt from windows :-

  • Dilution   -The dirt is dissolved using a liquid, such as water.
  • Solution  -The dirt is broken down using a chemical, such as a solvent.
  • Agitation -The dirt is loosened by some abrasive action.

Window cleaning tip.
 Cleaning windows without scratching the glass is a good reason for developing a professional window washing technique.

 The scratching of glass only takes place when a substance that is harder than the glass is dragged across the surface.

 Interestingly, metal is not harder than glass, so even when using a razor sharp window scraper it is not the blade that will cause scratching, it is sand or grit that is caught behind the blade that will actually scratch the glass. 

 So sand and grit have to be removed from the glass without being dragged across the surface, this is where water can rinse away the offending particles.

 Deciding on how to clean windows,begins with inspecting the window for any potential scratch hazards and choosing the correct technique how to clean windows safely.

 If there is any risk of scratching then you will need to use plenty of water to loosen, dilute and then transport the scratch hazard away from the glass.


There are 4 main ways of Streak Free Window Cleaning :-

1. Traditional Window cleaning.-

 Detailing in streak free window cleaning


 Windows were washed using a chamois leather (commonly called a shammy leather, or window cleaner's shammy) followed by a scrim cloth to polish up the glass.


 Even large shop windows were cleaned using this method and took a long time to get right.


 Commercial window cleaning companies had to employ many men to complete large projects all working on mainly wooden ladders that would be extremely heavy and difficult to move safely.


 Irish scrim cloth was available which when slightly damp removed dirt and polished window glass extremely well, todays scrim cloth does not work any where near as well.


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2.Cleaning windows using a squeege.

 Window cleaning squeege work


This makes use of the 3 ways of removing dirt, by applying water with detergent to the window by an abrasive pad.


This is the method that has been used for over 30 years by professionals to clean both residential and commercial windows, and can be used by householder's to achieve excellent results.


Much less time and effort is needed to achieve excellent results.


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3.Water fed pole window cleaning

 Water fed pole window cleaning


This method for cleaning windows is not as well known as the other methods.


It has been used for over 30 years, but only in the last 10 years has it become popular for residential window cleaning.


 Previously it was only commercial window cleaners that could afford the costs involved in producing purified water.

 Much safer method of cleaning and produces better results when used by someone that knows what they are doing.


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4. How to polish windows.

 Polishing glass  

Polishing the external windows includes the removal of the dirty water in such a way that the windows are streak-free.


This normally involves using a squeege to remove the water with it's rubber blade, and probably some detailing work of removing any excess water from the tops and sides of the windows.


The final part is to remove any squeege marks with a dry polishing cloth such as scrim cloth.


Nowadays micro-fibre cloths are replacing scrim cloth and do an excellent job but do irritate your skin.


You do need a good size cloth so that you have enough to roll up and grip well so that you can get some purchase in your polishing movements.

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