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How to polish windows.

 Polishing the external windows includes the removal of the dirty water in such a way that the windows are streak-free and sparkle.

micro-fibre cloth

This normally involves using a squeege to remove the water with it's rubber blade.
  • If you have watched professional window cleaners at work, you may have seen them quickly swirling their squeege around the external window, cleaning large shop windows in just a few moments.
  •  Obviously it takes some time to learn how to clean windows as quickly as the professionals, but the householder does not need to work that quickly.

  •  Working steadily most householders can learn how to clean windows in a few hours, and over a period of time build up that skill level and speed.

  • Window cleaning tip - Working from the top of the external window, draw the squeege to the bottom of the window, wipe the edge of the squeege blade with a cloth, and then start again from the top, work your way along the window.

  • If you notice a small line of water that you have missed, just repeat these steps, until you have completed the window.

  • Developing a technique that gets your squeege blade in tight to the edge of the window, will remove most of the water and diminish the amount of detailing you have to do.This will help to keep your cloths dry and usable for the whole house.It is difficult how to polish windows with damp cloths.

  • How to polish windows involves the top and sides of the external window that will need cleaning off with a dry cloth,or window cleaning towel, try to use just a small part of the cloth and quickly rub the glass at the edge to dry off any excess water.

  • Detailing
  • Nowadays there are a number of different micro-fibre cloths about that are excellent for this edge detailing which is how to polish windows and leave them sparkling.

  • Squeege's available

  • There are different sizes of squeege available, a small 3” one is good for cleaning small opening windows or georgian windows.

  • 14” or 18” squeege's will clean large windows quickly.

  • There are 36” squeege's available for those who clean a lot of large external windows.

  • Window cleaning tip - If it is a windy day, it is a good idea to clean windows in order of the direction of the wind, so you don't splash windows you have just cleaned.

  • If you are using a pole to reach to clean windows,after finishing squeeging, then place your cloth over the squeege blade to be able to detail the top of the glass.

  • Window scrapers

  • Window scrapers are razor sharp blades held in some form of handle, used to remove stubborn dirt, or window stickers.

  • Wet the window and using single upwards strokes, begin to remove the dirt.

  • Carefully wipe the edge of the blade with a cloth, between strokes.

  • Some stickers may need spraying with window cleaning solvent to help to disolve the glue.

  • Do not use forward and back strokes, as any grit that gets behind the blade can scratch the glass.

  • When to change squeege blades?

  • As you clean the window,if you notice that you are beginning to leave a line in the same place with each stroke of the squeege, it could be there is a small nick in the rubber blade, it will need replacing.

  • After some use, the end-edges of the squeegie blades will get worn, you may be able to trim these off with your window scraper, to extend the life of your squeege blade.

  • The edge of these rubber blades needs to be sharp to clean windows well, you will notice they become rounded and it becomes more difficult to clean the glass with single strokes.

  • Squeege blades are double-sided, so when one side becomes worn, just take out and turn around.

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