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How to clean Windows Internal


How to Clean Windows Internal covers the different methods used to clean the glass that is used in our modern day houses.



As well as glass found in windows, there is glass found in mirrors, and also there are many glass panels in wardrobes.

There is glass in internal doors, shower cubicles and recently I have started to come across toughened glass being used as panelling around stairwells.

I recently had to clean some of these panels from a very large set of steps, using a micro-fibre pad on an extension pole and using window cleaning solvent.

They came up wonderfully well.


So I will describe the different methods and then suggest which of these methods suit each window type.


Chamois leather and cloths

  • Professional window cleaners tend to use a chamois leather called a rag-tail mop to clean internal windows. These may not be available, so a single piece of chamois leather will be fine.
  • It will need soaking over night in a bucket of water and then rinsing out in the morning, to remove any leather dust or small pieces of leather.

  • Ring out the leather until it no longer drips and it is ready for use.

  • Detergent is not needed, just plain water.

  • If you can get hold of proper scrim cloth then that will need preparing the night before, as well. It will need boiling in a pan with some washing powder, this helps to open up the fibres and make them more absorbent.

  • If you can not find proper scrim cloth, then old dish cloths can work well, especially if they have roughed up a bit.

  • The other choice, nowadays, is micro-fibre cloths, these clean very well, but can irritate your skin. So you may need to wear gloves when using these cloths.

  • If you intend to clean internal window frames as well as the glass, you should clean the window frames first using a damp cloth and then buffing up with a dry cloth.

  • Using the chamois leather, to clean windows internally work from the top of the window downwards. You should find the leather slides well over the glass and at times may even squeak a bit.(This is where the term squeaky clean comes from)

  • The leather should leave the window slightly wet, and you will need to work quickly with your dry cloth to polish up the glass before the excess water dries on the glass.

  • Whilst you can clean all types of internal windows with this method, it is suited to medium size windows. If you have a lot of large windows to clean, you would find this method will use a great deal of your energy.

Applicator and squeege


* You will need a decent size bucket with window cleaning detergent and warm water. Wash out the applicator bar and then squeeze the excess water out, as you don't want to be dripping water around your house.

* If you intend to clean internal window frames as well as the glass, you should clean the window frames first using a damp cloth and then buffing up with a dry cloth.Window cleaning applicator

* Using the applicator bar start to apply your detergent to the window, starting at the top of the window, but don't wet the top edge of the window, leave about a 1/4” dry. This will diminish the number of drips that will run down the window.

* If the house is very warm or the sun is shining on the windows, you might find that they dry out quickly, so you will need to work quickly, or clean internal windows in sections.

* Using your squeege start from the top left hand side and draw the blade down the glass until you reach the bottom, wipe the rubber blade with a cloth and repeat as you work your way along the window.


squeege and bucket

* If you can hold your applicator underneath the squeegie as you are drawing it down it can catch any drips, this can be important if you have light coloured carpets that would show up any dirty water marks.

 If not, I used to lay an old towel on the carpet underneath the window, to catch any drips of dirty water as I was cleaning internal windows.

* Buff up the edge of the glass with a dry cloth, to stop any water marks or drips.

* Wipe up any excess water on the window sill with your damp cloth.

* This method can be used to clean internal windows of all sizes, especially if you have different size squeeges.




Micro-fibre pads and spray bottle


* A new method of cleaning internal windows is to make use of micro-fibre pads based on short handles and either a window cleaning solvent spray or purified water in a spray bottle.

* Just spray small amounts of solvent or pure water on sections to clean internal windows and moving the micro-fibre pads around the glass, you will find that they clean and buff up in one action.Micro-fibre pad cleaning

* If you are cleaning internal windows that are very dirty then you would be better using one of the other cleaning methods, but if you are cleaning internal windows quite often then this method works very well.


This method is suitable for cleaning medium to large internal windows.


 If you have Georgian style windows then instead of these pads, use a micro-fibre cloth and your spray and you will find that works very well.





Cleaning internal windows with paper towels

You will need a sufficient supply of kitchen paper towels, the stronger, more absorbent ones are best.

 solvent spray cleaning

 Purchase a spray bottle of window cleaning solvent.

 Spray the solvent onto the centre of the window, and then using the paper towels work out from the centre to the edge of the window. You will find working in a swirling movement the best.

 Spray some more solvent onto the paper towel and then work along the window frame to clean any soil and spider's web.

 If the window ledge is plastic, then you could clean that with the paper towel and the solvent, if it is wood and painted then it would be better just using some warm water with the paper towel.

Things to look out for :- Just as when cleaning external windows, you have to look out for any trip hazards, when cleaning internal windows there are a number of things to watch out for :-

 * Ornaments on window sills need to be carefully moved out of the way.

 * To reach to the top of the frame when cleaning internal windows, use either a small extension pole or a small set of step-ladders.

 * Reaching to clean internal windows over units in kitchens. Many kitchens have hard floors and standing on a set of steps and reaching over can be dangerous, so making use of short poles can be the best option.

* When moving buckets of water around inside the house , only half fill your bucket and you will be much less likely to spill any.

* Watch out for low light shades if you are moving step ladders about.

 * Try to keep pets out of the room so you don't inadvertently step on them.

 * Do not look directly into the sun as you are cleaning the windows.

 * Window cleaning can be frustrating when you first begin, a technique that produces streak free windows does take a while to develop. So don't be surprised if you have to re-clean internal windows to get them just right.


Recommended Window cleaners for internal windows in the South Cheshire and North Staffordshire area of the U.K. are Pure and Clean window cleaners

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