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Cleaning Window Blinds


Cleaning window blinds is an area of cleaning that is growing in popularity due to the increase in the use of blinds in comparison to curtains.


We focussed more on cleaning external windows than cleaning internal windows. Window Blinds are made from a number of different materials, and so there are different ways of cleaning them.

  • Wooden window blinds

    • These can be the simplest of the window blinds to clean.
    • Using a damp cloth and a dry cloth you can slowly and methodically work your way through cleaning these window blinds.
    • The key word here is slowly, and I do mean slowly.
    • So over the years I became aware of a number of cleaning tools that speeded up the cleaning of blinds.
    • These tools consisted of either foam rollers or cloth pads that were held on a number of arms that were slotted between the slats of the blinds.
    • Therefore cleaning 3 or 5 slats at the same time.
    • These don't always work due to the different size gap between the slats, but never the less can be a useful tool.

  • Fabric slatted window blinds

    • The only method worth talking about is an attachment tool to carpet cleaning machines.Some are supposed to be washable but I wouldn't want to put them in a washing machine. This tool pulls itself along the fabric slat whilst injecting cleaning solution into the fabric and then vacuuming it back out, all in one process.
    • The bottom of the slats are disconnected so the tool can work itself to the top of the slat and then back down again.
    • Then the slat is re-connected and you move on to the next slat.
    • This cleaning process is very effective but again quite slow.
    • The slats are already fairly dry as the majority of the cleaning solution is vacuumed out.

  • Fabric window blinds

  • I would simply use a vacuum cleaner with one of the brush attachments and simply vacuum the dust off of the blinds. If this is done each time the room is vacuumed that should be sufficient. This could be a problem if you have a teenager as the room is not likely to be cleaned very often.

  • Metal window blinds

    • Cleaning window blinds made of metal can be achieved the same way as cleaning wooden blinds, but you do have to be careful that the edge of the slat does not cut your hand or fingers.
    • There is a much quicker method available now.
    • Ultra sonic cleaning machines use vibration to clean these metal blinds.
    • The whole blind is placed in to a tank for a period of time and when removed they are clean.
    • So the time is taken up with the removing and replacing of the blinds.
    • This method is excellent for office buildings that have hundreds of these blinds, but not really suitable for the majority of domestic situations.


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