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Window Cleaning Tips


14 pages of Window cleaning tips to aid in your cleaning chores.

Window cleaning seems to be one of the household chores that few people are willing to undertake themselves, but with the right equipment, some practice and some relevant tips, can be completed with excellent results.


  • Streak Free Window Cleaning
    2 area's to assess when seeking Streak Free Window Cleaning :- How to clean your windows How to polish your windows There are 3 parts to cleaning dirt from windows :- Dilution -The dirt is dissolved using a liquid, such as water. Solution -The dirt is broken down using a chemical, such as a solvent. Agitation -The dirt is loosened by some abrasive action.
  • How to Clean Windows - Internal
    How to Clean Windows Internal covers the different methods used to clean the glass that is used in our modern day houses. As well as glass found in windows, there is glass found in mirrors, and also there are many glass panels in wardrobes.
  • Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Self Cleaning Glass
    As a Window Cleaner I have constantly come across people talking about how self cleaning glass must be threatening my business. But I have to say that it has had no noticable effect upon my particular business. So what is this mysterious self cleaning glass?
  • Window Frame Cleaning
    When considering window frame cleaning, we have to realise that there are a number of different materials that have been used, over the years, to manufacture frames that contain our windows. Some of these window frame materials are fairly easy to clean, with others there is a bit more involved.
  • Cleaning Window Blinds
    Cleaning window blinds is an area of cleaning that is growing in popularity due to the increase in the use of blinds in comparison to curtains.
  • Traditional Window Cleaning
    In Traditional window cleaning the windows were washed using a chamois leather followed by a scrim cloth to polish up the glass. The iconic picture of the window cleaner with ladder on his shoulder and bucket in hand.
  • Clean Windows Using Squeege
    This is the method that most people think of when considering how to clean windows using squeege and strip washer is probably the method that has been the most popular for the last 60 years.
  • How to Polish Windows
    Polishing the external windows includes the removal of the dirty water in such a way that the windows are streak-free and sparkle.
  • Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning
    This method used to clean windows is not as well known as the other methods. It has been used for over 30 years, but only in the last 10 years has it become popular for residential window cleaning. Previously it was only commercial window cleaners that could afford the costs involved in producing purified water.
  • Window cleaners chamois leather
    Window cleaners chamois leather They need to be soaked overnight in a bucket of water and then rinsed to remove all the leather dust and small pieces of leather and then squeezed to remove excess water, then they are ready for use.These shammy's are sold in different sizes based on their weight.The bigger ones were too heavy, once wet, to work with all day, so we used to use the 10 ounce ones. When people think of window cleaners the window cleaners chamois leathers are a major part of the stereo-typical picture that many see. The idea of the window cleaner riding a bicycle with an "A" ladder over his shoulder and a tin bucket with his shammy leather and scrim cloths is ingrained in many peoples minds.
  • Window Cleaning Applicators
    Window Cleaning Applicators When I first started to use a squeege to clean windows, I used a sponge to wet the windows, but this meant that my hands were always wet, and so I had skin problems. I was overjoyed to find there was an answer to my problem! Window cleaning applicators.




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