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Solar Energy Pitfalls

Solar energy pitfalls need to be considered with the many benefits to ensure you make the wisest decision concerning your future energy bills. Over the last few years Solar energy has been attracting the salespeople that were making their money in Double Glazing the decade before.


Whilst Solar energy does have many benefits, these benefits tend to be exagerated and the pitfalls overlooked by clever salespeople.
Hopefully this article will cause you to think slightly more deeply about any such future decisions.



Obviously price is important when choosing your solar energy system, but you do face an interesting calculation if your main reason for purchasing is to save money. We would expect that the more expensive the system the more energy it would produce and therefore the more money you would save on your power bills.

But if you are borrowing money to pay for the system, more expensive systems will take longer to pay for and the more interest you will have to pay. So do make use of a calculator to work out which system will actually save you the most money.


Another aspect to consider is the availability of replacement parts for the solar energy system. The cheaper systems tend to have been imported and therefore replacement parts would also need to be imported.

After sales service

How much emphasis does the instalation company put on after sales service? Do they have customer testimonials that demonstrate their performance in this area?

Warranties or guarantees.

Does the system come with a guarantee and if so, is it insurance based or a company based one. Pennies saved now could cost you many pounds later on. Many Double Glazing warranties of 5 or 10 years were worthless because the companies went into liquidation.

Check the warranty is insurance based, for peace of mind. It is the power inverter that is most likely to fail, check this is covered by the warranty.

Pressurised Sales

Discover whether you are dealing with a commision-only salesperson or a solar energy technician that can recommend the most suitable system for your house, location and financial situation. One of the ways to recognise this is whether they are asking you questions about your requirements and financial plans and offering you alternative systems or pushing one system very strongly.

A good quality solar energy installer should desire to fit the right system for you just as a high quality tailor wants to clothe you in just the right suit. Do they have local premises and therefore are concerned about their reputation?

Check out our Home Improvement Contractors page for tips on how to choose Contractors.

Roof Strength

Solar energy systems are an excellent source of cheap power for any home, but they are quite heavy and therefore need a good strong roof to be mounted on. There is no point investing in top quality solar panels and then mounting them on poor quality mounts.

If you intend to check the condition of your roof check out our Leaking Roof page and our How to use ladders page.

Roof Position

They work most efficiently when located on a south facing roof and when they are not shaded by trees or other buildings. Do not allow yourself to be convinced that in your location the sun will be strong enough to meet all your needs even though there is shading of the roof or it points in the wrong direction.

Don't let these pitfalls scare you away from solar energy. Solar energy is good for everyone, just make sure that you what to avoid and you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.


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