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Quick Energy Saving Tips

Increasing summer temperatures and rising energy costs are causing homeowners to think about ways to save on keeping their home cool. Power cuts taking place on a more regular basis are causing them to seek ways to keep cool whilst using less electricity. This means it is time to consider home improvements once again. We have listed a few ways to maintain cooler homes this summer, how to save on these costs, and also help reduce greenhouse emissions as well.


It is amazing to recognise all the different ways using less energy can help you in. It reduces the cost of our electric bill. It increases the efficiency in the way we use our energy. Combined with the efforts of others, it should help reduce global warming.

Record-breaking temperatures over the last few summers are causing more people to think seriously about the consequences of climate change. It could be that even the northern states of America could be facing 100 degree plus temperatures during the summer.


Energy Star Appliances - When considering ways of saving energy and money, replacing older appliances with the modern Energy Star appliances will definitely cause you to see dramatic savings, even within a short period of time. So, when the time comes to replace your appliances, check out the Energy Star ratings on the different models available, and consider these ratings when making your choice.

These ratings are awarded according to strict standards set by individual governments. The ratings will give you a good idea of the expected running costs of these appliances. You should notice a significant saving on your previous running costs.

Solar Power - You really should research the latest options available within the Solar Power sector. Many people have been put off from considering Solar Power as an option due to the high initial investment needed for complete systems.. If you intend to stay in your home for the forseeable future then installing a complete solar power system may be worthwhile.

But even if your stay is to be shorter don't rule out making use of solar power. There are options to use solar panels to provide the energy for part of your household rather than for all of it.

An option that will definitely pay off is making use of a solar water heater. You could expect this system to provide between 40% - 60% of your hot water requirements. Even in the winter months the strength of the sun can still provide a significant amount of heat.

An alternative is that you can also chose to run a specific appliance, such as a refrigerator, on solar power. This will need the investment in a power inverter as well as a solar panel. But recognising which of your appliances are liable to use the most energy that can be provided through your own energy production, is the area where you will make the greatest savings.

Washing Lines - A simple solution can be by erecting a washing line in your back garden for the drying of your washing. If you do not have the room for a line then maybe you have the space for a rotary clothes drier which will make use of the sun and the wind to dry your washing.

Using this on the right kind of days rather than an electric drier will not only save electricity but also mean less heat and humidity for you to deal with. An added bonus is the wonderful fresh smell that clothes dried naturally, have!

Tree Planting - create your own shade through clever use of trees or hedges on the sunniest side of your home. Contact your local garden centres for advice on which trees to plant and where. Those trees will also reduce carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen levels in your locality.

Switch off - The simplest way of saving energy and money is to turn off lights and appliances when not in use. There are surge protector extension leads that will turn off appliances when not in use but turn them on when needed, for a small investment these leads could save you significant sums.

These few ideas should help to keep your home cool during the heat of summer.


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