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Hand held Vacuum cleaner

 Over the last few years the vacuum cleaner manufaturers have spent a great deal of time and money in the development of the hand held vacuum cleaner.

These smaller vacuum cleaners have really formed a niche in the cleaning industry. In the early years of vacuum cleaner dsesign, the machines were large, bulky and heavy, which meant that they were only suitable for some of the cleaning tasks that faced the average householder.

Hand held Vacuum cleaner To increase the usability of the vacuum cleaner various types and lengths of hose were added to the basic machine.

This greatly helped in the cleaning of stairways, the skirting board areas of rooms and cleaning around and behind furniture.

But it was the invention and manufacture of the hand held vacuum cleaner that has transformed the cleaning industry and really helped to solve a number of the most tricky cleaning problems. I have listed a number of these cleaning problems below :-

  • (1) Cleaning Car Interiors

  • One of the greatest problems with vacuuming car interior's is leaving trailing electric cables across pavements. In today's litigous society we know the danger of leaving trip hazards :-
    • firstly to others health
    • secondly to our bank balance from compensation claims

    The debris left behind in vehicles tends to be fairly small and so a small hand held vacuum cleaner is more than sufficient.Their size and weight enable them to be used in places that other vacuum cleaners can not reach.

  • (2) Cleaning up crumbs

  •  There are many times in family life when there are small spillages, such as crumbs from toast or breakfast cereal over flowing the bowl. These small spillages don't need a larger vacuum cleaner, the small hand held vacuum cleaner comes into it's own for these kind of situations.

  • (3) Cleaning clothes

  •  Sometimes when you retrieve your clothes from the wardrobe, there can be fine dust that needs removing, or even some slight creasing that a quick hoover down can solve. The problem with larger vacuum cleaners is that the vacuum can be too strong for this kind of purpose and even damage the delicate fabric's used in some clothing.Once again this is where the hand held vacuum cleaner is the answer, it is small enough to be kept in the bedroom, and so can be used on a regular basis.

  • (4) Cleaning pets

  •  When cleaning pets the larger vacuum cleaners, once more can be too strong and also too loud, and could disturb the pet. The hand held vacuum cleaner can be just the right size to be able to remove dry dust and grass from pet fur and also help to comb the fur.

    Small Vacuum cleaner
  • (5) Cleaning stairs

     Around the home, this is probably one of the best uses for the hand held vacuum cleaner.

 Normally, when cleaning stairs you either need a long extension hose or you have to carry the vacuum cleaner up the stairs with you.


This is obviously not as safe as using a small light-weight hand held cleaner.

Extra requirements :-
  • We can see from the benefits that I have listed, the importance of these hand held vacuum cleaners being powered by batteries.


  • So one of the other requirements is for the batteries to last for sufficient time for the cleaner to be useful.


  • Another requirement is that the battery re-charging station is small enough not to be in the way.


  • Lastly, the dirt storage compartment needs to be secure, but easy to open when it needs emptying.

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