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Wet carpet cleaning methods


There are a number of carpet cleaning methods that use water as the main component for the removal of the soil from the carpet pile. I have put together a number of pages for each of these different methods with a short description on this page.


  • CFR Carpet cleaning
    CFR Carpet cleaning method, tips and advice. Continuous Filtration Recycling involves the waste water that is drawn out of the carpet, being passed through a number of filters and then being returned to the solution tank. This enables the cleaning technician to be able to continue working without the need to refill the solution tank, for much greater lengths of time.This could result in saving as much as 2 hours cleaning time in a normal cleaning day. This causes dramatic savings in water and chemical usage, cleaning time and therefore increases profitability.
  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
    Hot water extraction carpet cleaning tips and advice. So, what is hot water extraction carpet cleaning? Well, basically it is a system that sprays hot water with detergent on to the carpet and then vacuum's it off again, taking with it the dissolved soil. Many people refer to this method as Carpet steam cleaning, which is incorrect, as steam is not used, only hot water.
  • Carpet steam cleaning
    Carpet steam cleaning method, tips and advice. When the term Carpet steam cleaning is used, most people actually mean Hot Water Extraction, which is the proper name for this process. There is a carpet cleaning method that involves using steam, but this is not normally used by professional carpet cleaning companies.
  • Bonnet carpet cleaning
    Bonnet carpet cleaning method, tips and advice. Bonnet carpet cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses an oscilating brush to agitate the carpet cleaning solution into the carpet fibres to loosen the soil prior to extraction by the cleaning bonnet. The bonnets are extremely absorbent towels that wipe the soil from the carpet fibres and are able to be washed in a washing machine to be re-used on the next days work.





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