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Starting a Cleaning Business



So what do you need to think about when considering starting a cleaning business?
 There is an old saying - "Where there's muck there's money" and that is very true. There will always be a need for cleaning companies. The 7 main things to consider when considering starting a cleaning business.

  • (1) Size -

 I would suggest the first thing you need to consider is, whether you intend this business to stay as a small cleaning business, or do you intend to seek to grow into a large professional cleaning business that employs many people with you as the manager?

 It is vitally important that you think this through because it changes completely the way that you begin to set up your business.


  • (2) Type -

I would suggest you consider whether you intend to be a specialist cleaning business or do you intend to be a general cleaning business?

General cleaning companies will need to carry equipment to cope with all of these areas of cleaning, whereas a specific cleaning company only needs to have the equipment relative to it's niche.


  • (3) Training -

Are you going to try to learn to do this on your own or are you going to seek business training?

Many people, including myself, have started such a business without any training or previous experience and then taken training along the way.


  • (4) Franchising -

Are you going to consider cleaning franchises as the way of starting a cleaning business?

Franchises have a much higher success rate in the early years as they provide a successful system to follow, but you have to pay up front and monthly for this benefit.


  • (5) Exit Strategy -

Are you starting a cleaning business with the intention of selling your cleaning business after a few years, or is this your career plan?

Again, this will change completely the way you need to set up and develop the business.


  • (6) Skills -

What business skills do you already have?

What business skills do you think you will need to learn?

Do you know where to find this training?


  • (7) Website -

Put together a professional, productive website that draws targeted, interested traffic to your pages.

If you have little knowledge in this area check out our website designing page for affordable website designing hints.

When you begin to consider these questions, you will begin to realise that the way you start a business varies greatly depending on your destination.These initial decisions will greatly influence the business plan that you begin to put together.

It is vitaly important for you to spend sufficient time at the begining, in this planning stage, as it can save you a lot of time and money, further down the path.





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