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Professional Carpet Cleaning

 What should we expect from a company that claims to be a professional carpet cleaning company,when sifting through the adverts, either in the Yellow pages or on the internet?

 I have put together a few suggestions, to help you sift out the professional cleaners from the also ran's :-

(1) Excellent website

  • Nowadays, every professional company will have a well produced website, to enable prospective customers to research the company history, working practices and view some testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • They should also be able to find all the ways to contact the company, and possibly some advice on how to prepare for carpet cleaning and how to maintain their carpets after carpet cleaning.
  • Many prospective customers will be looking for stain removal advice and some idea on how often to have their carpets professionally cleaned.

(2) Easily contactable

Today's customer does not want to face an answer phone, or even a secretary that might be very efficient, but not know anything about carpet cleaning.
Many people organise their life through emails and so will in the first stages want to be able to speak to you via email.
They may even want to book completely over the internet.

(3) Free carpet survey

  • To provide a truly professional service, carpet cleaners need to inspect the carpets, to recognise the type of carpet and the materials used in it's construction.
  • They need to see how heavily soiled the carpet is, and whether there are any stains, and if so, what caused them.
  • Discovering how many children and pets is important to be able to recommend a suitable maintenance programme.
  • They need to check what is in the room and whether the room can be cleared of furniture on the day of cleaning.
  • Produce testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Produce their insurance cover.
  • Produce accurate quotations all of these factors need to be taken in to consideration.
 When the survey is finished they should be able to produce a printed copy of their carpet cleaning proposal and maintenance plans and quotation.

(4) Punctual

 A professional carpet cleaner will turn up at the time they have booked. If something does delay the cleaner, they should contact the customer to explain what is taking place, and if need be, re-book at a later date.

(5) Produce excellent results

 Professional carpet cleaners know how to produce excellent results, on all types of carpets, in all situations, time after time. Because they have years of experience and have studied their craft.

(6) Guarantee their service

As well as producing excellent results, being available afterwards to deal with any unexpected incidents.

(7) Relevant add on products

 There are many relevant products that professional carpet cleaners can offer to their satisfied customers. Such as :-
  • Stain removers
  • Professional vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet rakes
  • Stain retardant treatments

(8) Referal incentives

  • Such a great company and service will cause satisfied customers to excitedly chatter to their friends and neighbours.

  • Many of these people are likely to contact the company, producing significant sales.

  • Professional carpet cleaners are willing to share some of this increase in business with their happy customers.

  • Discounts for refered customers and cash bonuses for those that refer customers.

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