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Low Moisture carpet cleaning

 When I first purchased my Low Moisture Carpet cleaning system it was my intention to just use it for the maintenance cleans, as it lends itself to this type of clean very well. But I found that it was well capable of some of the restoration cleans, as well.


Main Benefits :-

Able to clean just main traffic areas

Normally, carpets are dry within the hour

No need to remove wooden furniture

Suitable for use around electrical equipment, such as computers

Quieter than most other systems

Easy to transport

Little training needed

Especially good for rental market

Suggested cleaning method for "Host cleaning system"

  • This low moisture carpet cleaning process is known as "soil adsorbtion"

  • Remove all portable furniture from the rooms you will be cleaning carpet, especially any furniture with metal or wooden feet as if these are left on damp carpet they can produce carpet stains.


  • Thoroughly vacuum carpet with a good quality upright vacuum cleaner to remove majority of dry soil and to prepare carpet pile for cleaning.


  • Check carpet for any stains and pre-treat with relevant stain remover.


  • Pre-spray main traffic areas of the carpet with a light mist of the pre-spray chemical that comes with the carpet cleaning system.


  • Allow a good 5 minutes "dwell time" for the pre-spray to loosen any soil.


  • Spread carpet cleaning compound evenly on carpet, but use slightly more on the more highly soiled areas.


  • If there are "draught marks" along the edge of the carpet or under the doors, use a small carpet cleaning brush to work the carpet cleaning compound through the carpet pile. (I found this to be the best way of cleaning "draught marks" from all of the systems that I had available.) On odd occasions, with very serious "draught marks" I left the carpet cleaning compound over night before vacuuming off.


  • Work the carpet cleaning compound through the carpet with the twin brush machine.


  • Allow half an hour for the carpet cleaning compound to do it's work and dry out.


  • When dry the compound can be vacuumed out of the carpet, fairly easily.


  • When the carpet is completely dry then you can return any furniture to the room.



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