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In this part of the site you will find gathered together many home cleaning tips. Some of these tips I have come across myself, but many of these tips have come from my wife Sue and her friends.


I have spent over 30 years in the cleaning industry and have come across many cleaning challenges, and have had to find solutions to these problems, and this is why I have coma across so many Home cleaning tips.

During this time, I have developed a number of Window cleaning businesses throughout North West England, all of which are still trading profitably.

 I spent over 10 years in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning,using Hot Water extraction systems as well as Low Moisture carpet cleaning systems.I also used solvent dry cleaning systems for Upholstery cleaning.

 Over the last few years we have found that many of our customers have required their Conservatory rooves cleaning and more recently UPVC surfaces / Vinyl sidings, when this is added to the Gutter cleaning and Gutter clearing, there is a whole new business developing.

I have organised these cleaning tips into the following categories:-

(1) Window cleaning tips for the domestic household
 On this page you will find Window cleaning tips for both Internal window cleaning and External window cleaning, advice on the window cleaning equipment and window cleaning chemicals to use, and where to find them.

(2) Carpet cleaning tips for the domestic household
  On this page you will find cleaning tips for both carpet and upholstery cleaning, advice on the carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning chemicals to use,and where to find them. Detailed procedures for different methods of cleaning your carpets. There is also a procedure to follow for each of the carpet cleaning systems listed.

(3) Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
  On this page you will find short reviews of the 4 main types of Vacuum Cleaners and links to pages with much more in depth reviews. Which type of Vacuum Cleaner to use for different types of floor surface.

(4) Cleaning Brick
 Nowadays cleaning brick is not as simple as it once was because bricks are used for a great deal more than just building walls and with each of these different uses comes different ways of cleaning these bricks. On this page you will find a number of different ways of cleaning brick.The main method involves the use of pressure washing systems.

(5) Cleaning Vinyl Siding
On this page you will find 3 different methods for cleaning Vinyl Siding or UPVC Fascia as we call it. 1 method using ladders and 2 methods from the safety of the ground.




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