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Dry Solvent Carpet cleaning 


The Dry Solvent Carpet cleaning system involves using similar chemicals to those used in Dry Cleaning shops and therefore a great deal of care is needed as well as protective clothing, including gloves and breathing masks. It is rarely used on carpets, but some silk rugs or expensive oriental rugs will need cleaning this way. This method is best left to the experts


 Dry Solvent Carpet cleaning involves using Dry Cleaning Solvent and therfore this method is best left to experts. It is rare to see the types of machines that are suitable for Dry Solvent Carpet cleaning available to rent.

 There are a few Hot Water Extraction Carpet cleaning machines that are suitable for the use with Dry Cleaning Solvent. These machines have had special seals inserted in the delivery pump and more robust pipework that is resilient to solvents.

 The optimum method of Solvent cleaning is to have the solvent heated within the machine and this can produce excellent results.

 Dry Solvent cleaning tends to be for some types of Curtains, and some upholstery material that is not wet cleanable, due to unstable print dyes or unstable construction.



There are some oriental rugs that have unstable dyes, that need to be Dry Cleaned. There are also some ssilk rugs that need this method of cleaning.

One of the main problems used to be that the residue left a very strong after smell, which took along time to disperse. This could take several days to completely disperse. Nowadays there are low odour solvents available, and so this is much less of a problem.


I would not use this method on any fitted carpet.



Inspection - Check all materials and rugs for labelling that provide cleaning instructions. If in doubt, do not use solvents to clean that material.

Protection - One of the key considerations when working with Dry Cleaning Solvents is the protection needed to be able to work safely.

 The types of protection needed :-

Nitrile gauntlets to protect hands and arms.

Goggles to protect the eyes.

Breathing respirator / mask rated for Solvents.

Suitable work overalls

Work shoes with resistence to Solvents.

Ventilation - It is vital that you provide sufficient ventilation to allow the Solvents to disperse rapidly.

Operation - Set up machine, if heater is available on the machine warm up the solvent.

Arrange protective sheets to prevent over-spray.

If material is very soiled then you could well need to apply a Solvent pre-spray and allow for dwell time, before begining cleaning operation.

The materials that require Solvent cleaning tend to be more delicate than wet cleanable materials, so your cleaning technique will need to be much more gentle than for these other materials.

Work steadily and precisely and take numerous breaks as working in these conditions is not comfortable.




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