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 Dry Foam Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Method

 This is a system that has been used for many years by householders to clean their carpets.

 In recent years there have been great advances in the chemicals used and now there are nano chemicals available that can produce excellent results. These systems range from a sponge roller and a small bottle of solution, to electric powered foam producers. Which ever system used the principal is the same, the foam is brushed on to or through the carpet and then left to dry. The residue is then vacuumed off.


 (1) Vacuum As with all the other Carpet cleaning systems, using the Dry Foam Shampoo Carpet cleaning system, it is best to start off with a thorough Vacuum cleaning, using a good quality upright vacuum cleaner. It is estimated that 75% of dry soil can be extracted from carpets by a thorough vacuum clean.

 Work your way along the carpet in one direction, with your upright vacuum cleaner, then work at 90 degrees across the carpet, to complete the vacuum clean.

 The better upright vacuum cleaners have carpet pile lifting ability which nicely prepares the carpet for the next step of this carpet cleaning process. When the carpet pile is standing upright it is much easier to extract the soil that is at the base of the pile.

(2) Application Whatever method you are using to produce the Dry Foam Shampoo, it needs to be applied to the carpet. This can be achieved by using a large roller on a handle or a rotating brush on a handle.
Spend extra time on any area of staining, working the shampoo through the pile. If you know what has caused the stain and have a stain remover suitable for that stain, it would be wise to do this before the application stage.

 Spend much more time working on the traffic areas and little time on areas that have been under furniture. This will help to lessen the contrast between the two areas.

(3) Agitation Once the Dry Foam Shampoo is applied to the carpet, it needs to be agitated, to increase it's soil extraction ability. This can be done with a carpet rake, which will also help to lift the pile and loosen any ground in soil. Professional carpet cleaners have power brushes that are contra-rotating brushes that work the shampoo through the pile, lifting the pile and loosening any soil.

(4) Extraction Once the Dry Foam Shampoo has dried, this is where the good quality upright vacuum cleaner comes into it's own. Vacuum along the carpet and then across the carpet to extract the greatest amount of soil.

(5) Grooming If you have a carpet rake, then you can lay the carpet pile by raking it all in the same direction.  Always work towards the door you will be exiting the room from. This will leave the carpet looking at it's best.




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