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Cylinder Vacuum cleaners


 In our Vacuum Cleaner Reviews after reviewing Upright Vacuum Cleaners we need to review Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners as these are the next most popular type of vacuum cleaner.

The basic design of the Cylinder cleaner has not really changed from the begining.


Cylinder Vacuum cleaner The basic design of the Cylinder Vacuum cleaner is that of a large bucket or canister on wheels or castors with an electric vacuum motor that sits on the top of the bucket and acts as an air tight seal.

 Inside of the bucket there can be waste containers made of paper or cloth and also some form of filtration.

 A hose is connected to the side of the canister and there is normally a choice of tools that can be fitted to the hose, which enable the cleaning of different types of surfaces.

Cleaning principle

As this type of vacuum cleaner tends to be at the cheaper end of the market, this cleaner depends mainly on vacuum power to remove any soil and debris.

 There is normally a small brush on the end of the floor cleaning tool, but this tends to be a very small brush that gives only marginal help in dislodging any stubborn debris.

Cleaning uses

This type of vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning stairways and hard floors, as well as larger debris that might get stuck in an Upright Vacuum Cleaners brush.They can be useful for cleaning up in garages and sheds.


  • Due to the lack of a motorised brush any agitation has to be provided by the cleaning operative, so a scrubbing action can be needed to remove stubborn soil or debris. This can be very tiring if there is a large area to be cleaned.

  • Filtration can be quite basic, so a fine dust cloud can be spread into the local atmosphere.

  • These vacuum cleaners do tend to lose cleaning power as the waste container fills up.

  • These cylinder vacuum cleaners can be mistaken for the similar shaped wet and dry vacuum cleaners, the problem is that they are not able to vacuum up any type of liquid.

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