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 Computer cleaning is an area that now transcends the work environment and is becoming increasingly important in the home environment. Whilst most business owners would consider employing professional companies to clean all of their computer equipment, few house holders would. So how do you clean your computer equipment, safely?

 In todays Health and Safety climate, the cleaning of computers and their peripherals stands out as one of the most important areas to understand the cleaning process. Many computer owners can find these cleaning tasks daunting, due to the potential for the damage to the computer equipment or the information contained on them.

I have gathered together information on how to clean computers and their peripherals on the following pages :-

  • Computer case

    How to safely and thouroughly clean the inside and outside of computer cases of the build up of dust and fluff that can cause over-heating and slow down the working of computers. Read more about computer case cleaning

  • Computer keyboard We are told that the computer keyboard can be one of the most unhygenic surfaces that we will come across during our waking hours. Learning how to clean and sanitise the keyboard can help to protect from the many viruses that are about, at this time.Read more about computer keyboard cleaning

  • Computer mouse

    How to keep this little rodent from causing you hygene problems.

  • Computer monitor

    How to keep the monitor clean and free from dust and tips on how best to deal with glare.

  • Computer hard drives

    How to clean computer hard drives from clutter, viruses, spyware and adware.



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