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Cleaning Carpet stain

 This is a situation that most of us will face at some time in our lives, and the extent that we will be succesful at cleaning carpet stain is dependant on how well we are prepared to deal with it when it does happen. If you keep a stain removal kit and a stock of terry nappies or white towels, then you will be able to act immediately and therefore are likely to be succesful in removing the stain completely.


 It is possible to remove most stains from carpet, but it can take quite some time to completely remove all traces. So be ready to work patiently, carefully and persistently. The process of cleaning carpet stain may need to be spread over several days to remove all traces of the stain.

 This process can be speeded up if you have had a stain retardent treatment applied to your carpet, this treatment increases the time it takes for a stain to penetrate the carpet fibre, giving you more time to remove the stain before it becomes permanent.

Stain removal tips

  • Act immediately, do not allow the stain time to set.
  • Always blot stains with a white absorbent cloth, never rub, this can spread stains.
  • Continue to blot the stain until there is no further colour transfer from the stain.
  • Begin to apply the stain remover, again blotting out the stain.
  • Continue to blot the stain until there is no further colour transfer from the stain.
  • If staining remains, place several layers of your white absorbent cloths over the stain and place something of significant weight on the cloths and leave over night for any further colour transfer from the stain to the cloths.
  • Continue this process until all of the stain is removed.


Removal of candle wax from carpets

  • The old tried and tested method involves the melting of the wax and subsequent removal from the carpet fibres.
  • This method involves making use of brown paper
  • Place the dull side of the brown paper on to the candle wax
  • Carefully iron the shiney side with a warm iron
  • This should gently melt the candle wax which is then absorbed by the brown paper.
  • Allow the wax to cool on the brown paper
  • Choose another section of the brown paper and continue the process until all the wax is removed


Removal of cigarette burns from carpets

 I believe this can only be done sucessfully on longer pile carpets, where the use of a set of small, sharp scissors can accurately trim the burnt or singed carpet pile. If this is done carefully it can mean that this damage becomes almost un-noticable.


Removal of draught marks from carpets

 This is best done when the carpet is being cleaned, but if you are seeking to just clean the draught marks, there is a method of cleaning carpet stains such as this that is very sucessful.

  • Purchase a pack of Dry Carpet cleaning compound
  • Brush the cleaning compound into the affected areas using a hand brush
  • Allow the compound time to dry out, usually an hour should be long enough
  • Vacuum compound off
  • The carpet cleaning compound can be left to work over night for greater effectiveness
  • Seal the bag of carpet cleaning compound, so that it does not dry out, and store for later use




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