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Carpet Steam Cleaning



When the term Carpet steam cleaning is used, most people actually mean Hot Water Extraction, which is the proper name for this process.


There is a carpet cleaning method that involves using steam, but this is not normally used by professional carpet cleaning companies.

These steam cleaning machines are normally advertised in newspapers for purchase by householders, and involve a small fabric pad which is connected to the vacuum hose and through which steam is passed to loosen the dirt.

These steam cleaning machines are fine for use on lightly soiled domestic carpets and for some types of stain removal.

These machines are advertised as being able to clean upholstery, and that is true, but it is most important to check the labeling on your upholstery as some fabrics can be permanently damaged by steam.

There are commercial steam cleaning machines, but these tend to be used for the cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms and for sanitising surfaces.These machines tend to be quite bulky, and so difficult to manoeuvre and store.

There are also steam cleaning machines that are used for external cleaning of buildings, paths and vehicles.If you would like information on these types of steam cleaning machines, check out our cleaning brick pages

Neither of these types of machines are used for the cleaning of carpets.




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