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Carpet Cleaning Proposal


 When seeking to choose a Carpet cleaner from amongst the many that are available, the Carpet cleaning proposal that they present you with, will be one of the best ways of sifting out the one that will produce the best results for the most affordable price.

 So what is a Carpet cleaning proposal?

 It will be the final opportunity the carpet cleaner has to demonstrate their professionalism to you, and should be the culmination of a series of presentations of the information that you need to make your decision.

  • It should include all of the room dimensions.
  • The carpet types for each room that you have requested a quotation for.
    Including Carpet fibre identification and the type of Carpet backing.
    This should have been checked out during the inspection using one of a number of tests.
  • Any stains or carpet damage or any unusual cleaning requirements.
    Including the method to be used for any Stain removal and whether any repairs will be made or needed for cleaning to take place.
    This is vitaly important to prevent any arguments over whether stains or damage will be totaly removed or repaired.
The carpet cleaning proposal should also include :-

  • Proof of the insurance cover the cleaner has in place.
    This should include Public Liability Insurance and Indemnity Insurance so that any accidental damage or injuries will be insured against.
  • Their address and contact details.
    In case you need to cancel and re-schedule or contact after the cleaning apointment.You might well be that impressed that you want to tell all your friends about this amazing cleaner.
  • Testimonials from previous customers.
    Hopefully with before and after pictures and contact details to enable you to check out there validity.

 The Carpet cleaning proposal could also include:-

  • Carpet cleaning method description.
    Anticipated time it will take and how long the carpets will take to dry out?
    Will you be able to return your furniture to the room and who is going to do it?
  • Carpet maintenance schedule.
    This was one of the questions I was asked the most often - How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
  • Stain removal advice.
    Many households with children or pets will face regular staining incidents, so advice on the best way to deal with these can be very helpful.

 And of course, finally:-

  • How much this will cost you.
    Broken down - room by room, so you can work out what you want cleaned.
  • How you can pay and when.
    I always expected to be paid on completion of the cleaning, but some people seemed to think I was a Bank and expected me to extend them credit.Always best to agree before the job is done, saves problems afterwards.

So what are some of the other ways of choosing?
Well, the first decision you need to make, is are you looking for the cheapest cleaner you can find, or are you looking for someone you can totally trust in your house and with your carpets?

 If you are looking for the cheapest just wait for one of the leaflets to come through your door advertising 2 rooms for .... or full house for ... If you can't wait, then look in your local paper and more than likely you will see a similar type of advert ... Carpets cleaned from £.... or you could follow up on small cards placed in shop windows.

 If you are looking for a professional cleaner, then you will need to spend a little more time in your search. There are excellent cleaners out there but when you begin it might seem like you are searching for a needle in a haystack.

 Some of the places to look for professional carpet cleaners are :-

  • (1) Ask your family, friends or neighbours for any cleaners that they would recommend.

  • (2) Search the Yellow pages directory for local cleaners.

  • (3) Search Yell.com directory for local cleaners.

  • (4) Google search for local cleaners websites.

  • (5) Ask your local carpet retailers if they would recommend anyone.

  • (6) Check out social media for recommendations

  • (7) Check out carpet cleaning forums.

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