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Carpet Cleaning Franchises


 Carpet cleaning franchises are an excellent example of businesses that are eminently suitable for the franchise model of business. When considering starting up a business, it is well known that by following the franchise route, you stand a much higher chance of being succesfull. The Carpet cleaning industry is an excellent example of this principle.


  Franchising is the process of using an established companies already successful business model to develop your own company in connection with the original company.

 The franchisor is the original business owner who is seeking to grow his business through finding franchisee's who are looking to start a business in this sector but recognises the need for a proven business model to follow.

 The majority of franchises are found in the service sector where there are good profit margins and where the business models can be duplicated.

  • Small franchises tend to be single van - home based businesses with a modest initial investment.Service sectors such as Carpet cleaning, Lawn maintenance or Plumbing are excellent examples of franchise models that have many successful adherents.
    Many of these companies will provide initial customers, so it is possible to start to make money from day one.

  •  There are a number of franchisers in the Carpet cleaning industry that are known throughout the world, with well established national training centres and regular national advertising campaigns.

    This is an obvious advantage,when starting your business. If you are starting a business for the first time, then franchising certainly is a good way of learning all of the skills that you will need in running a successfull business.

  • Medium sized franchises are found in Fast food restaurants, Sandwich shops and Petrol stations, to name just a few.

    These require a much more substantial initial investment, due to the need of premises and car parking.They also tend to require in-depth initial training, which could take several weeks, even months. So it could take quite a while to become profitable.

  • Large franchises can include Hospitals, Hotels or transport businesses, such as, Coach or Rail companies.The initial investment to enter this sector is huge and far beyond most individuals.

The downside of the franchise route are :-

  • The start-up costs can be high
  • There may not be a franchise available in your area.
  • Monthly service charges
  • Franchise area may be quite small
  • Company supplied materials can be expensive
  • Franchisor pressure to meet their targets rather than yours.

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