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CFR Carpet Cleaning


 Continuous Filtration Recycling involves the waste water that is drawn out of the carpet, being passed through a number of filters and then being returned to the solution tank.



 This enables the cleaning technician to be able to continue working without the need to refill the solution tank, for much greater lengths of time.This could result in saving as much as 2 hours cleaning time in a normal cleaning day.

 This causes dramatic savings in water and chemical usage, cleaning time and therefore increases profitability.


Cleaning Process.

CFR machines work at higher solution  temperatures and delivery pressures which when added to atomisation technology produces a very effective cleaning method.

 Rather than the solution being sprayed on to the carpet fibre or upholstery fabric, it is sprayed across the fibre or fabric. This enables the use of the 3 main methods of cleaning in one action :-

  • Agitation
  • Dilution
  • Heat

 The use of higher temperatures and pressures and greater water extraction leads to better cleaning results and quicker drying times. Some people claim that this is the greenest type of carpet cleaning.

Transitioning to CFR Cleaning.

Considering all the benefits of CFR cleaning many carpet cleaners will be considering changing over. This involves quite some expense as they will need new carpet wands and hand tools as well as a new CFR machine. But the change could well be worth it, resulting in quicker cleaning times and savings on chemicals, meaning increased profits. The quicker drying times and increased cleaning results will impress the customers.


CFR Carpet Cleaning machines


In the U.K.  I know that Amtech are suppliers of CFR machines of which the Echo Pro 500 perfect heat and the CFR Paramount are excellent examples.






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