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Bonnet carpet cleaning



 Bonnet carpet cleaning is a method of cleaning that uses an oscilating brush to agitate the carpet cleaning solution into the carpet fibres to loosen the soil prior to extraction by the cleaning bonnet.

 The bonnets are extremely absorbent towels that wipe the soil from the carpet fibres and are able to be washed in a washing machine to be re-used on the next days work.


  • Remove all portable furniture from the rooms you are going to be working in, especially any furniture with metal or wooden feet. If these are left on damp carpet they can produce a carpet stain. Do not return this furniture to the room until the carpet is completely dry. If you need to return the furniture to the room before the carpet is completely dry then place on small squares of silver foil


  • Thoroughly vacuum carpet with a good quality upright vacuum cleaner to remove majority of dry soil and to prepare carpet pile for cleaning. When carpet pile is squashed down it is more difficult to remove soil from underneath this pile, so it is important to lift the pile to an upright condition.


  • Check carpet for any stains and pre-treat with the relevant stain remover and allow it to dwell for the appropriate time before extracting the stain. 


  • Pre-spray main traffic areas of the carpet with a light mist of the pre-spray chemical that comes with the carpet cleaning system.


  • Allow a good 5 minutes "dwell time" for the pre-spray to loosen any soil.


  • Agitate carpet with the oscilating brush, spending the majority of your time on the main traffic area's. This agitation of the carpet pile loosens the remaining soil from the pile.


  • Change brush plate on the cleaning machine for the bonnet plate, and fit a clean, dry bonnet.


  • Use the carpet cleaning bonnet to buff the carpet clean.


  • Swap soiled bonnets for fresh bonnets and repeat until all of the carpet is clean.


  • If needed use an air mover to aid drying of the carpet.


  • To complete this process use the upright vacuum cleaner to remove the last traces of any carpet soil or grit.


This is a basic cleaning method for the "Bonnet system". There are many variations on this system, some using heated plates and others adding soil retarding chemicals during the buffing process. This system does not leave the carpets as dry as the soil adsorbtion method but they will dry fairly quickly.



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