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Best Carpet cleaning methods

I have put together a short description of the best carpet cleaning methods on this page, with links to more in depth information on pages for each of the cleaning methods.

There are many Carpet cleaning methods because there are many different kinds of carpet and location.

It is important to thoroughly vacuum the carpets prior to cleaning, as this removes a great deal of the dry soil, and can lift the carpet pile preparing it for cleaning.
If you need some information on which vacuum cleaner to choose, then check out our Vacuum cleaner review page.



To be able to remove soil from carpets, there are a number of processes involved :-

  • Application of heat, to break down the soil
  • Application of liquids / chemicals to disolve the soil
  • Application of agitation to loosen and break down the soil

  • The best carpet cleaning methods will make use of all of these processes.

    So that you can choose the correct method to safely clean your carpet,it is important to be able to identify the type of carpet you are preparing to clean. Some carpets will shrink significantly if wet cleaned and others do not respond well to too much heat.
    So check out our Carpet fibre identification page

In this review of the best Carpet cleaning methods, I have seperated the cleaning methods into 3 sections :-

  • Wet Carpet Cleaning Method
  • Low Moisture Cleaning Method
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning Method


(1) Wet Carpet Cleaning Method

This method is sometimes refered to as Steam cleaning of carpets and does cause some confusion. So we need to clarify these terms.

Hot Water Extraction.
The normal wet cleaning method, in the trade is refered to as Hot Water Extraction and involves the spraying on to the carpet, hot water containing some form of detergent and then this being vacuumed off the carpet, taking with it the disolved dirt.
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Carpet Steam Cleaning Method
There is a carpet cleaning method that involves using steam, but this is not normally used by professional carpet cleaning companies.These steam cleaning machines are normally advertised in newspapers for purchase by householders, and involve a small fabric pad which is connected to the and through which steam is passed to loosen the dirt.
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CFR Carpet Cleaning
This is a variation on the Hot Water Extraction method that is able to use higher solution temperatures and pressures due to atomization technology in the carpet wands and hand tools.Some would claim that this is the best carpet cleaning method within the wet cleaning area.
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(2) Low Moisture Cleaning Method

This system involves the use of small amounts of moisture, to slightly wet the carpet and some form of agitation to transfer the dirt from the carpet fibres into a means of removing the dirt. This can be on to some form of minute sponge or on to a bonnet which is an absorbent cloth attached to a spinning pad.
The different methods are :-

Soil Adsorbtion

  • This method involves the spreading on to the carpet small pieces of sponge or corn husk containing cleaning solution.
  • This can look like sand or damp sawdust, it is brushed through the carpet by a machine with contra-rotating brushes.
  • This causes these small sponges to wipe the carpet fibres clean as they are brushed past.
  • As there is only a small amount of moisture involved, it soon evapourates off,leaving the carpet dry within half an hour.
  • This mixture of soil and sponges is then vacuumed off to leave the carpets fresh and clean.
  • This method can be very effective on carpets, when used correctly, and for some carpets that have a tendency to shrink, can be one of the few ways of keeping them clean.

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Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Method

  • This method involves the spraying on to the carpet a cleaning solution, that when left for a short while, will loosen and break down the soil.
  • This soil is then wiped from the carpet fibres by an absorbant cloth attached to a spinning pad, this is called a bonnet.
  • This system tends to work especially well on carpet tiles and low profile carpets and therefore could well be the best carpet cleaning method for low profile commercial carpets.
  • Carpets tend to be dry within an hour or so.
  • Generally a quieter system than using powerful vacuum cleaners.
  • Some of these systems apply stain retarding chemicals as part of the process.

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(3) Dry Carpet cleaning

There are 2 methods I am aware of that are refered to as dry carpet cleaning methods :-

  • Dry Foam shampoo
  • Solvent cleaning

(1) Dry Foam Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Method

  • This is a system that has been used for many years by householders to clean their carpets.
  • In recent years there have been great advances in the chemicals used and now there are nano chemicals available that can produce excellent results.
  • These systems range from a sponge roller and a small bottle of solution, to electric powered foam producers.
  • Which ever system used the principal is the same, the foam is brushed on to or through the carpet and then left to dry.
  • The residue is then vacuumed off.
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    (2) Dry Solvent Carpet Cleaning Method



  • This system involves using similar chemicals to those used in Dry Cleaning shops and therefore a great deal of care is needed as well as protective clothing, including gloves and breathing masks.
  • It is rarely used on carpets, but some silk rugs or expensive oriental rugs will need cleaning this way.
  • This method is best left to the experts
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    I hope you have found the concise information on this best carpet cleaning methods page useful in deciding which of the carpet cleaning method pages to study.

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