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Vegetable Garden Tips

 The following Vegetable Garden Tips will help you to plan your future crops and ensure that you enjoy your garden. However, without proper research and planning vegetable garden can be low yielding. If you desire a decent harvest,the following Vegetable Garden tips will help to design a productive garden.


1. Planning - The first step should always be to get your thoughts down on paper before doing anything else. It is a real temptation to buy some nice looking seeds as you walk around your local Garden Centre and just plant them in the ground. But it is important to take some time and a design your garden on paper first.

 When contemplating your garden design, the different needs for each type of plant have to be taken into consideration.. A potential colour scheme or a definite shape you would like your garden to look like are other considerations.


2. Growth - Think about the height and width of the fully grown plants. When planning your garden it is important to imagine how the full-sized plants will look together. Planted too closely together the roots compete for the same nutrients and their leaves will compete for the same sunlight; this could cause the failure of an entire crop.


3. Shading - The north side of gardens are better for planting taller trees. Taller plants, such as tomatoes and maize, should also be planted on the northern side of the plans for your vegetable garden. Other plants would struggle to compete with these quicker growing taller plants due to the smaller plants not having as much access to the sun.


4. Preperation - Be sure you prepare your soil for your plants. Soil is one of the fundamental ingredients of any garden. If your soil is not good, the garden will fail. Have your soil tested to make sure that you can grow healthy food there. Some soils may appear to be "fine" but are in fact unsuitable for vegetable gardens. If you skip this step, all of your planting will be in vain.


5. Orientation - Ensure your garden will receive the maximum available sunlight. Just as important as the soil, sunlight is essential for every growth of plants. Certain plants thrive in direct sunlight and others do much better in the shade.


6. Continual supply - would you like to have vegetables available all year round. By making use of various Vegetable Garden tips on which vegetables to plant at which times of the year you could produce a continual supply of fresh crops. Why not experiment with new vegetables vatieties and techniques.

Careful planning and research, will help your little vegetable garden to thrive all year long. By using the Vegetable Garden tips presented it will help you to get started, and encourage you to learn all you can on how to encourage your vegetables in their growth. Plan to develop a garden that produces delicious, fresh, healthy vegetables by your own hands and from your very own land.


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