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Spring Gardening Tips

These Spring Gardening Tips are aimed at helping you to plan your gardening for the year ahead. Gardening is a great deal easier when you have a plan and have well organised tools.


Garden Tools - The best place to start is in the organisation of your tools. If you intend to be a serious gardener, you will need to invest in a wide range of gardening tools.

Garden sheds are the best place to keep your garden tools, so that they are seperate from your other tools.

The larger the shed, the easier it will be for you to arrange your tools in order. So creating an organised method of storing tools within this shed should be the first place to start.

Basic tools - To begin with a small hand fork and trowell are needed for those planting jobs. You will certainly need some kind of tiller for turning over your soil and some tools for removing weeds.

  • A spray bottle for the application of weed killer and another spray bottle for plant food.
  • A stainless steel spade - easier to keep clean
  • A large garden fork
  • A set of garden shears
  • A watering can and a hose with attachments for those larger watering jobs.
  • A greenhouse is invaluable for nurturing seedlings and extending growing seasons.


You might have begun your gardening adventure by growing some lettuce and tomatoes.

 But it doesn't take long to get those green fingers itching to experiment with more exotic plants.


 If you don't have a lot of spare time, then bushes and shrubs can be colourful and once established only need pruning to keep them in shape.

It is in the summer months that the woody plants will really shoot up, so a good pruning in the spring can hold them in check.



When cultivating plants the choice is between starting from seed or planting out pre-grown seedlings.

If you do not have a greenhouse to nurture seeds into seedlings, it could be better for you to allow the commercial growers to do this part of the job for you.

This way you will have more success as weak plants don't make it onto the nursery shelves.

Once bought, quickly transplant into your prefered spots.

Propogators are a small scale way of raising plants from seed and then transfering these seedlings into larger pots in preparation for planting out.



Many people assume that plant mulch is a decorative touch. But these mulches are far more than decoration, they help to prevent the evaporation of valuable moisture and also provide much needed nutrients.

Another benefit is that weeds can be hindered in their growth through deep mulching around your chosen plants.


By planting evergreens you can ensure an attractive garden throughout the entire year.


Water Saving

Water recycling is well worth organising if water is scarce in your area or if you are on a water meter.

Rain water harvesting is becoming more popular and can be produced on a small scale by diverting one of your downpipes into a large water container.

Used wisely this captured water can be sufficient for your plant watering needs.

For more details on this subject, check out our Garden Water Conservation  page.



Whilst a great deal of your enjoyment will come from seeing these plants respond to your care. Your garden can be a wonderful place for family gatherings. Especially barbecues on birthdays or aniversaries. When your guests are leaving, why not share some of your garden produce with them. This could encourage them to venture into gardening themselves.

Following these few short spring garden tips can help to make gardening an enjoyable experience for you and your family. tips.


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