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Organic Gardening Benefits

Organic gardening benefits who?

I have put together 7 excellent reasons to research organic gardening. These reasons would convince most people that choosing to swap to an organic lifestyle would be well worth the effort.

Easy Transition

The first reason is that this method of gardening is really very easy to do. You can start by developing Garden Composting as this is a major step in moving towards this healthier lifestyle.

 A slight change in your re-cycling habits will develop a decent compost heap from which you will be able to create your own garden nutrition.

As well as using your own compost, make use of earthworm castings and even used tea leaves. These are excellent alternatives to commercially produced fertilizers.

 A great benefit to using these organic fertilizers is that you do not need to worry about over application damaging young or sensitive plants.

This home produced compost will mean there will be significant savings on your fertilizer use over the next few years.


Environmentally friendly

Secondly, this is a much more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It will cause you to really take stock of every area of your dietary needs.

 If you can not grow it, or produce sufficient quantities, do you really need it?

  • Think of the plastic packaging that will no longer need to re-cycle.
  • The time and petrol saved in shopping trips.
  • The pleasure of knowing that you are eating your own home grown food.


Reduction of Chemical Usage

Thirdly, you will be diminishing the amount of chemicals in your garden soil, but more importantly within your own body.

Clean fresh water, home grown fruit and vegetables and the regular exercise involved in maintaining your garden are a recipe for a much healthier lifestyle.


Reduction of Chemical Production

Fourthly, there will be fewer polluting chemicals produced in the world and fewer dangerous jobs in the chemical plants in the third world where there has been little concern for the health of the workers.

The long term problem is the using up of finite resources. That is why swapping to a system that re-uses and re-cycles has to be important.


Family Project

Fifthly, if you involve your family in the gardening project, they are more likely to become :-

  • enthused about a healthy diet and
  • will benefit from the regular exercise and fresh air and
  • it will be a distraction from the computer games.


Local Wildlife

Sixthly, the animals and birds that visit your garden will not be exposed to chemical fertilizers.

These animals and birds have much smaller bodies to us and therefore can be effected by much smaller doses of chemicals.

This will therefore help to protect the whole food chain.


Cleaner Water

Our Seventh benefit is to the water courses that have been the recipients of all of the chemicals that have been applied to our land.

This has been having a knock on effect to fish, birds and wild life, as they drink this water.

I have begun to notice reports of sea life that has been polluted through this continual build up of chemical fertilizers that ends up in the seas around our shores.



I hope that you can see that converting to an organic lifestyle is achievable and a worthy goal.


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