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Gardening Mistakes

Gardening mistakes can spoil what is for most people a fun activity. So spend some time planning your garden activities to ensure it continues to be a source of enjoyment. A yearly gardening checklist can be a great help in remembering important tasks.

Gardening mistake no. 1 - Plant watering requirements.

Developing a watering routine that provides the correct amount of moisture for a wide variety of plants can become confusing, unless you adopt some kind of system.

  • Watering plants too frequently with small amounts of water, will cause them to develop shallow root systems and be more vulnerable to disease and frost.
  • It is always important to test the soil for moisture levels. In dry soil, you can allow plants to stand in a couple of inches of water.
  • Apply the water to the base of the plant as tap water on leaves can cause some plants problems.
  • Yellowing leaves are a sign of , either water less often or it could be time to transplant to a bigger pot.
  • Check out our Garden Water Conservation  page.

Gardening mistake no.2 - Unsuitable plants.

If you do not research the type of plants that will flourish in your region and micro-climate, you could find yourself wasting a lot of your hard earned cash.

  • When conducting your research you will have to take into account the amount of time you have available for your garden.
  • There are many types of exotic plants out there that look and smell wonderful but could well need a lot of attention and experience to prosper in your location.
  • It could be a good idea to seek advice from experienced local gardeners who could guide you to a good range of plants.
  • Check out our 5 Tips for all year gardening page for tips on choosing the right plants.

Gardening mistake no.3 - Bad plant arrangement.

In your research you will need to find which plants can be planted together, which prefer dry or wet soil and which prefer sunny or shaded areas.

  • When you begin to combine the correct types of plants, not only will they look good together, but you will have less work to do.
  • It would seem obvious to place taller plants at the back of your borders and smaller plants towards the front, but this knowledge only comes through attention to detail in your research.

Gardening mistake no.4 - Lack of perseverance

This can mean you give up on plants that could flourish with more care and attention.

  • If there is life in the root system there is still hope for the plant.
  • Plants that are drooping from lack of water could well revive after standing in water for a day or two.
  • It could be a lack of nutrients or a pest attack that needs dealing with.
  • Frost claims many plants so know which of your plants are susceptable and cover them up or in some circumstances bring them indoors.

Gardening mistake no.5 - Lack of pruning.

Study pruning techniques and recognise which of your plants will need this kind of attention.

  • Pruning is an effective way of keeping disease from spreading.
  • It is also needed to remove dead branches and to encourage new growth.
  • This is a way of shaping your plants, bushes and trees to help with fruit production in the future.
  • It is important to know which fruit on this years growth and which on last years growth.


Gardening mistake no.6 Bad waste management

Garden maintenance involves not only cultivating plants but also removal of dead and dying plants which means there can be large quantities of plant matter. This waste material can be turned into re-usable material with a certain amount of planning and composting.

  • Gather all waste garden material
  • Gather food waste from your kitchen
  • Gather paper and cardboard waste
  • Make use of free delivery of horse or cow manure
  • Check out composting tips here


It would be well worth your effort to avoid these five gardening mistakes. Don't forget, good research will help you to avoid costly mistakes.


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