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Cleaning Tips for Patio Furniture

Cleaning Tips for Patio Furniture are important when considering your spring cleaning challenges.



 There is nothing worse than planning that first barbecue of the season, purchasing all the right food, inviting the friends around and then realising as you look to sit down with your hot, barbecued food, that the seats are all filthy. 

As soon as is possible arrange to clean all of those pieces of patio furniture.


  As garden furniture is designed to stay outside it is supposed to be pretty much maintenance free. But with all items that are advertised as "maintenance free" the reality is that they still get dirty.


The longer you leave the cleaning of these external seats, the more difficult it will be. So make use of the first fine weekend and spend some time cleaning that garden furniture.


Cleaning Tips for Plastic Patio Furniture

A bowl of warm soapy water and a soft scrubbing brush will remove the majority of the dirt and grime that has built up over the winter months.

Cleaning Garden Furniture involves removing the grime and then removing any stains, so you will need to rinse off with a hose pipe and allow to dry, before inspecting to see if there are any stains that need removing. UPVC Cream cleanser and a soft cloth will remove most stains or discolouring as it gets down into the pores of the plastic.

There are protective coatings available that work similar to car polish, that will save your furniture from the worst of the weather.




Cleaning Tips for Wooden Patio Furniture

Once again warm soapy water will remove the majority of the grime. Once the wood has dried check to see whether it needs to be re-varnished or if teak then a fresh coat of teak oil.

Check that all the joints are tight and any screws or bolts are tightened up and that there are no wood splinters or rough edges. A quick spray of wd40 can help to protect any metal components.




Cleaning Tips for Cast Iron Patio Furniture

 Remove the majority of the dirt with warm soapy water, this time due to the construction of the metal you will probably need a stiffer brush to completely get into every nook and cranny.

The problem with  Cleaning Garden Furniture that is made from cast iron is that the paint begins to come off, so a time will come when this furniture will need to be repainted. It could be that you will need to use a wire brush if rust has begun to appear and the application of rust remover and inhibitor.

There are a number of enamel type paints on the market that will be suitable for this furniture. Do not try to apply this paint until the weather warms up as it is difficult to use when cold.




Cleaning Aluminium Garden Furniture

Remove the grime, as before, with warm soapy water and a soft brush. This time you will need to check that hinges have not seized up, in which case some wd40 will soon loosen them up.

The aluminium could need polishing up with metal polish, if this hasn't been done for a while, the aluminium can become pitted and this can be difficult to completely remove.




Cleaning Wicker Garden Furniture

These can be brushed down with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner can be very useful for removing the dried on dirt. Don't forget to turn these chairs upside down and clean underneath to remove those pesky spiders and snails.




Cleaning Fabric Cushions

Cleaning Garden Furniture also involves cleaning the cushions that are placed on the bases.You will have to check whether these cushions are machine washable, as this will be the most thorough way of cleaning them.

If not then the bowl of warm soapy water will come in handy, once again. Then hang them on the washing line to dry out.




Pressure washer

If you are careful then a pressure washer can be used to wash down the bases of most garden furniture. Wooden furniture can be damaged and paint can be stripped off cast iron furniture if the water pressure is too high. If you need further instructions on the use of pressure washers read more....

A garden hose with a spray attachment would be sufficient for most situations involving Cleaning Garden Furniture.

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