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 Some novice gardeners think you can only plant in springtime and pick in the summer months. Basically, they are warm weather gardeners. However, the truth is quite different. With some practical Gardening Tips, you can become a year long gardener and you will not have to put your hobby on hold simply because the weather is cooler.


 Research - Prior to considering gardening in all kinds of weather, one of the most important Gardening Tips is to research your location.

 The research you need to undertake is concerning the specific micro climate you live in and how different plants will cope in that climate.

 For example, those who live in Texas, Florida or California, can obviously grow different plants during the winter than those who live in Massachusetts, Maine or Michigan.

 Spend time in discovering which plants will thrive in your particular location and which plants simply can not cope.


 Ornamental - Ornamental trees and shrubs are a good attraction in any decorative garden. In an area with bitterly cold winters where the temperateture drops so low that it can snap the needles off evergreen trees, you are unlikely to be able to cultivate a wide assortment of berries, such as raspberries, blueberries and other winterberries.

 But in the areas where you can, these plants are pretty much low-maintenance and do not require much care once they do begin to grow. Apart from the odd trim, you can sit back and enjoy the view.


 Creative Landscaping - To create a decorative, attractive garden, you do not have to depend on your plants and your planters. You can build a complete scenario. Just as some people enjoy building outdoor kitchens or ornamental ponds, you can be just as creative with your garden. You could purchase some colourful garden furniture, or yard ornaments, and design everything to really bring focus to your garden.

Many people live in areas where the winter weather limits the growing of a wide variety of plants. But with the help of some of the above tips, you should be able to create an attractive garden despite the climatic situation.


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  • Composting
    Garden Composting is a good way to make use of kitchen and garden waste. It has the added benefit of producing excellent fertilizer in-situ. It can also help to reduce your gardening costs and the amounts of chemicals that you use in your garden. Here are some tips I have put together for starting your own compost heap.
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  • Garden Containers
    Garden Containers - Colourful Planters - The next tip is simply aesthetic and has nothing to do with the health or attractiveness of the plants. It is obvious there will be less foliage in the winter months and fewer plants are going to be able to bloom. Therefore there will be far less colour in the garden. But by creative use of colourful plant containers, you can keep things looking bright and lively even in the depths of winter. An old wine barrel for example can be painted up to add that old rustic look and a splash of colour.
  • Gardening Mistakes
    Gardening Mistakes - Gardening mistakes can spoil what is for most people a fun activity. So spend some time planning your garden activities to ensure it continues to be a source of enjoyment. A yearly gardening checklist can be a great help in remembering important tasks.
  • Garden Treatments
    Garden Treatments - If you have been uncertain of the type of Garden Treatments to apply then this is for you. Many people are growing food in their own gardens because they do not know what chemicals and pesticides have been applied to the food they buy in the shops. There are many organic ways to prevent pests from destroying your crops. These methods have been used for many years, are simple to use and effective without damaging to animals or humans
  • Garden Water Conservation
    Garden Water Conservation - Garden Water Conservation is becoming more important to the many people world-wide who are involved in gardening as a hobby. In this present age, we have to face up to the fact that water is scarce in many areas and is therefore becoming an expensive commodity. So understanding just how much water to apply to your plants is becoming more and more important.
  • Lawn Care
    Lawn Care - The majority of people, believe that lawn care positively reflects on your home. But, it is often difficult to grow and maintain grass that continually looks good. Quite often the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. If you have been ashamed of your grass then allow this article to encourage you as you turn the situation around.
  • Organic Gardening Benefits
    Organic gardening benefits who? I have put together 7 excellent reasons to research organic gardening. These reasons would convince most people that choosing to swap to an organic lifestyle would be well worth the effort.
  • Spring Gardening Tips
    Spring Gardening Tips - These Spring Gardening Tips are aimed at helping you to plan your gardening for the year ahead. Gardening is a great deal easier when you have a plan and have well organised tools.
  • Tomato Growing
    Tomato Growing Even today, many people are surprised when they begin Tomato growing, that Tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable. This juicy fruit is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. Including raw in fresh salads and sandwich preperation, and cooked in soups, pizzas and pasta recipes. Tomato plants are one of the easiest plants to begin growing and see within a few months an edible crop. We have put together a few tips to aid in your Tomato growing :-
  • Vegetable Garden Tips
    The following Vegetable Garden Tips will help you to plan your future crops and ensure that you enjoy your garden. However, without proper research and planning vegetable garden can be low yielding. If you desire a decent harvest,the following Vegetable Garden tips will help to design a productive garden.





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