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How to use Ladders


How to use ladders for window cleaning

This is going to depend on the type of building that you are intending to clean the windows on.

* Single storey buildings should be reachable with a small set of steps, a step-up or with a short pole.


* 2 storey buildings will need extendable ladders or a long extendable pole, unless you have reversible windows, in which case check out the tips on how to clean windows on the inside of your house.


* 3 storey buildings should not be attempted, high level window cleaning should be left to professional window cleaners unless you can clean the windows from the inside, in which case, check out the tips on how to clean windows on the inside of your house.


If you need to use steps or ladders to reach your windows, it is important to be able to stand the ladders on flat, firm ground.

* Nowadays, new ladders normally have a safety mark on the side that demonstrates the safest angle to place the ladders against the building.

* If the angle is too steep then it will be difficult climbing the ladders without falling backwards off the ladder.It is important to have some form of window cleaning pouch on your belt, to contain the window cleaning tools, otherwise you have to hold them in your hands, which makes it more difficult to climb the ladders.

* If the angle is too shallow, the ladders are liable to slide backwards away from the building, causing you to fall off, and to damage the house walls.

There are a number of ways of securing your ladders in a safe way:-


* Mitts that are placed over the top of the Ladder that increase slip resistance, they also protect window sills or painted wall surfaces from scratching.


* Ladder restraints that add slip resistance to the ladder feet, such as the Rojac ladder stopper.

* Ladder matts that are made of rubber lattice that create greater resistance.These can also be used for leveling the feet on uneven ground.


*Ladder stabilisers that add slip resistance and stability to decrease the chance of the ladders slipping backwards or sidewards.There are a number of deigns to choose from.


* Driving wooden stakes into lawns or soil to either locate the ladder or tie the ladder to safety eyes fitted to the building.This technique is more suited to painting and decorating rather than window cleaning as you will only be up the ladder for a minute or two.


* Another person standing at the bottom to hold and stabilise the ladders, whilst you are able to assess how to clean the windows.

In the U.K. over the last few years there have been a number of Health and Safety laws that have been brought in to diminish the number of deaths caused by falling from ladders.


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