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Gutter cleaning tips

 There are 3 major area's to consider in Gutter Cleaning :-


  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Clearing
  • Gutter Cleaning Tools

  •  So what is the difference between cleaning and clearing?
    Gutter cleaning involves the cleaning of the external surfaces of the gutters.
    Gutter clearing involves the clearing out of debris from inside the gutters and downpipes.

 When we are asked to clean gutters,we have to find out what the customers want. Most customers have noticed grass or plants growing in their gutters and just want them removing.

 They do not realise that on most occasions the rest of the gutters have a lot of soil or debris in, that is not visible from the ground.

 grass filled gutterUntil recently, the only way to find out what condition the gutters are in, has been to climb up a ladder and take a look.


 But now, there are CCTV camera systems that are small enough to be placed on extendable poles which enable the gutters to be inspected from the safety of the ground.



 So lets take a look at the ways of clearing and cleaning gutters and some of the equipment that is available :-


(1) Gutter clearing


Clearing Blocked Gutter Downpipe

 I have started with gutter clearing, because not everyone wants the external surfaces of their gutters cleaning.


 Those that do, it is best to start by clearing out the gutters.


 There are 3 ways of clearing out the gutters :-





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(2) Gutter surface cleaning



upvc gutter clean

 This involves the cleaning of the external surfaces of the gutters and down-pipes.

 We normally clean the barge-boards and soffits at the same time.


 Again there are 3 main ways of gutter cleaning :-


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(3) Gutter Cleaning Tools

There are many types of Gutter cleaning equipment that you will find useful in helping you to choose which method to use.

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