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Cleaning Decking

 There are a number of different methods of cleaning decking and so I have listed these methods below. I have noticed over the last 10 years the proliferation of decking in the back gardens of the houses that we have been cleaning.


 The decking that was not maintained soon become slimey and therefore very slippery and so I became interested in methods of cleaning up the decking.






Deck Brushes


 The first method of cleaning decking that I came across was to make use of specialised decking brushes.
 They are quite different to normal yard brushes and are specifically designed for the cleaning of deck boards.


Deck brushes have bristles that are quite stiff, and short.
This will probably be the cheapest method because the brushes should last for a number of years and there is no need for the use of cleaning chemicals.
Wet decking boards are liable to be slimey and therefore slippy so be careful with your choice of footwear. A strong pair of waterproof boots would be best.
This method of cleaning decking boards will involve a good deal of your time and energy as using these brushes is physically tiring.
 It is best to dampen the decking by spraying water from a hose pipe before making use of the brush.
Always work the brush along the length of the decking planks. This makes the cleaning easier and will diminish any damage to the boards.





Pressure Washer


This is likely to be the method that produces the desired reult in the shortest period of time.


For a full description of how to use a pressure washer check out our Cleaning Brick pages.


It is important to have a pressure washer that can turn the pressure down to a level that does not damage the wood of the decking planks.


As Decking tends to be close to the building, it is important to work away from the building as any small stones can be catapulted towards the windows with the potential of cracking the glass.


If you can not work away from the building, try to protect any windows with some kind of board or screen.


This will be the most expensive method of cleaning deck boards unless you already have a pressure washer.


You will need waterproof clothing and boots to protect yourself from the overpsray.





Nano Technology


These chemicals are becoming more available and the cost is coming down.
This method of cleaning deck boards still tends to be quite expensive if you have large areas to clean.
It is as simple as spraying the nano chemicals on to the surface you want to clean and leave it to work, within a short period of time the technology works and the surface is left clean.
This method involves the least amount of physical effort.
This method actually hinders the regrowth of algae etc for around 12 months.






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