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Cleaning Brick walls


When considering cleaning brick walls there are 3 main ways that I believe are the best way to restore your wall to it's original glory.

  These methods are mainly for external brick walls. If you need to clean internal brick walls then the niormal method is dry sand blasting and you would need a specialised contractor to do this.

 (1) Cleaning brick walls with a pressure washer.



If you do not have a pressure washer, you can rent them for a week-end quite reasonably.

You might need a dustbin to act as a reservoir tank, if your water pressure is not very high.

To do this you would place a hose pipe into the dustbin and allow it to fill up, then place the feed pipe from the pressure washer into the dustbin.
 As you are working, keep an eye on the water level in the dustbin, if you have frequent rests, then you should not run out.

  • Pressure washing walls

You will certainly need an old set of clothes or a pair of water-proofs, as cleaning this way can be quite messy.

A good set of water-proof gloves will come in handy, as will a set of goggles.

When using lances, it is best to use a support belt that helps to take the weight of the lance and also helps to control the whip when you apply the pressure.

The main things to watch out for are loose pieces of brick and mortar and the overspray of the water jet.

So check out the wall prior to cleaning and a swift brush with a hard bristled brush, should remove any loose material.

Concerning the overspray, you will need to plan which direction you are going to clean from. Try to clean away from all windows, if that is not possible, you will need to protect the window with something like hardboard or an old sheet hung over the glass.

Another area to protect is any plants or bushes that might be close to the wall, again an old sheet carefully draped over the plants will save them from a severe battering.

  • cleaning brick drives

Try to work towards your drain covers, which will speed up the cleaning up process at the end.

If your bricks have an ornate facing, it would be best to turn the pressure right down and take longer to clean the wall, to diminish the risk of damaging the facing.

 This pressure washing process should clean most walls, but some might need the help of chemicals.

Traffic film remover applied 10 minutes before you begin the pressure washing, will help to loosen any stubborn dirt.


   (2) Cleaning brick walls with Nano Technology

  • According to the adverts it is as simple as buying your Nano spray and applying it to the surface.

  • You will need to check out the amount you will need to complete the whole wall.

  • Once applied this new technology is supposed to clean the bricks and seal them, all in one application.

  • As this is fairly new to the U.K. I have not had the chance to road test it. (excuse the pun) So I can not say what kind of results you are likely to get.
 3) Cleaning brick walls using Sand Blasting

  • This is a dramatic method for cleaning brick walls and if you believe your walls need this method, I would recommend bringing in a professional sand blasting company.


  • If you do not want to go to such an expense, some pressure washers have a facility to draw sand into the water spray, which enables the blasting of the wall with equipment that is readily available.


  • The difficulty with this method is keeping your supply of sand dry, otherwise you will face blockage after blockage.


  • Ensure you do not spray any glass surface with this dual sand and water spray, as it will most certainly etch your glass.




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