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Cleaning Brick paths


   If the path is made of block paving stones, then check out the               cleaning brick drives page, as the method for cleaning this type of path is detailed there?


  If the path is made of normal bricks that have been set in cement or just laid on sand, there is a slightly different method for cleaning this type of brick path?



(1) Using a pressure washer
  • If you do not have a pressure washer, you can rent them for a week-end quite reasonably.

  • You might need a dustbin to act as a reservoir tank, if your water pressure is not very high.To do this you would place a hose pipe into the dustbin and allow it to fill up, then place the feed pipe from the pressure washer into the dustbin.

  • You will certainly need an old set of clothes or a pair of water-proofs, as cleaning this way can be quite messy.A good set of water-proof gloves and a pair of goggles will come in handy too.
Cleaning Brick paths
  •  But it is important to make sure the rental company has a tool called a whirly-gig.
  • This is a rotary pressure washing tip contained within a circular body and on 4 wheels.
  • The tip spins around and cleans a circular patch from 12 to 18 inch depending on the size you have, and as the tip is contained within the body of the whirly-gig, there is much less overspray to deal with.

  • Believe me, this tool will speed up the clean, and save you a great deal of back-ache.If you just use the pressure washing lance provided with the machine, you will find that this will strip out a good deal of sand from the joints and this will need replacing when you have finished. But also this sand will be spread all around your garden and deposited on all of your walls and windows, meaning that these will all need cleaning when you have finished your drive.

  • If your path is very uneven, you could well find that the whirly-gig will not work very well, in which case, you will have to use the pressure washing lance.

  • At this point you have a decision to make.If you have cement joints between the bricks, are you willing to re-point these joints after pressure washing the path? If you are not willing, then you will need to either turn the pressure down and take longer over cleaning the bricks, or be very careful to focus on the bricks and quickly pass over the cement joints.

  • If you are going to strip out the cement joints, then you will need to contain all of the debris in the overspray, otherwise it will be spread all around your yard or garden.One way is to use a couple of hardboard panels as screens that you can spray towards. Another way is for someone to hold an old sheet whilst it is either pegged into the ground or weighted down with heavy stones.

  • When using lances, it is best to use a support belt that helps to take the weight of the lance and also helps to control the whip when you apply the pressure.

  • If you have been able to use a whiry-gig you will notice there are some areas that it has not been able to reach, this is where you use the lance.You will need to wash off the excess sand or cement from the path using this lance.

    Cleaning Brick drives

 Don't wash this sand down your drains, bag it up and let it dry. You might be able to re-use it, once it has dried off.

  • If you intend to re-sand the joints or to re-point the joints, you will need to let the path thoroughly dry out.

  • To re-sand, wait for a dry day, and simply brush the sand into the joints,using a soft bristled brush, working your way up and down the path.

(2) Using Nano Technology

  • According to the adverts it is as simple as buying your Nano spray and applying it to the surface.

  • You will need to check out the amount you will need to complete the whole path.

  • Once applied this new technology is supposed to clean the bricks and seal them, all in one application.

  • As this is fairly new to the U.K. I have not had the chance to test it. So I can not say what kind of results you are likely to get.



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