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Bird Control


Why do we have to consider Bird Control?



There are a number of problems caused when birds gather in the same place over a period of time.

There is the noise during the day but especially early in the morning, because these birds really are early risers.

There can be the loss of young vegetables and fruit from bushes and trees. This is especially a problem for commercial fruit growers.

Then there is the mess left by these birds.

They tend to search through building gutters searching for insects and tossing moss and debris out on to the walkways below.

Then there is the Bird droppings that they produce after eating the food they have stolen from your garden.



Birds gathering -

  • This is a major problem if they are sitting on the edge of gutters or the edge of window ledges.
  • On older buildings, there are various methods that have been used to disuade birds from gathering.

Birds gathering

  • I used to come across a smelly bird repellant gel that had been placed on the window ledges that apparently the birds would get on their feet and they really disliked it. So the birds would not return to that window ledge, but the substance was always there and it was not a pretty sight. I haven't seen this substance for sometime.


There are a number of further bird control products and I have listed most below :-


Bird Control Spikes.

 These spikes can also be known as anti-roosting spikes, anti-perching spikes and they tend to place either metal or plastic spines (like a hedgehog) that make it very difficult for the birds to land on the ledge.


Bird Control Spikes

These spikes don't hurt the birds, they just make it difficult for them to settle and they are recommended by the R.S.P.B. in the U.K.

As these spikes are very thin they are not that visible from a distance and they are 100% effective at preventing birds from roosting in that position.

I have also found these placed in gutters. They are effective at preventing birds from perching on the gutters but do make it more difficult to clean the gutters.

If not carefully placed they can increase the likelihood of the gutters blocking up. 


Bird Control Wire
I have seen intricate patterns of wires strung over window ledges to prevent the birds from landing.

There is also a method of placing sprung wire on favourite roosting positions that causes the birds to feel uncomfortable and therefore they fly off to find a more comfortable roosting position.

Apparently pigeons and seagulls like to roost on the highest parts of buildings to enable them to spot predators early. If these wires can be placed on these high places the birds tend to fly off looking for a better location.


Bird Control Netting

I have also seen nets placed over window ledges and over eaves of buildings.

This could be the only way to prevent birds from gathering on ventilation systems and on balconies.

A bit of imagination could make use of climbing plants to mask these nets and change a negative view into a positive one.

This tends to be the method that commercial fruit growers use to protect their fruit trees and bushes from hungry birds.


Bird Control using Birds of prey


flying hawk photo: Flying Hawk HawkRedTailed004.jpg

The most extreme measure of bird prevention, I have come across was the use of trained bird control falcons and hawks to scare the birds away.

These hawks normally only need to fly in the area once or twice a week for the pest  birds to decide to find a new roosting area.

Some people have tried to make use of models of these birds of prey as decoys to scare off the pests, the problem is that these pest birds are intelligent and soon recognise there is no real danger from these in-active models.

 Bird Control Cannons

I came across this type of electronic equipment one day, as I was cleaning the windows on a house out in the country. I heard a loud bang, just like someone had fired a shotgun, but I could not see anyone.

Then about 15 minutes later, it went off again, and I noticed this contraption in the centre of a field and smoke was just drifting away from it. It certainly shook me up the first time it went off and I did hear a bird fly off, but I would imagine that they would get used to it.

I understand that these can be propane based. I would imagine these pyrotechnics are quite expensive, as well.

I hope these short Bird Control tips are of some help.

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