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Conservatory Interior cleaning


Conservatory Interior cleaning involves cleaning the roof panels, windows and frames.


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How to clean the inside of a conservatory roof.

Well there are 2 ways that I know of, either using a set of stepladders to reach up, or using an extendable pole.




 Obviously, you are going to need a set of stepladders that are long enough for you to be able to reach the highest point of the internal conservatory roof.  

 Then, if the floor is liable to be slippy, I would suggest having someone to hold the steps, whilst you reach up and clean the roof panels.

 If you are working on your own, place the steps on a rug or welcome mat to stop them from slipping.

 If you are going to use a strip washer and a squeege,to clean the inside of your Conservatory roof, then I would suggest putting an old sheet down to cover the floor and protect it from the drips of dirty water.

 There are a number of combination tools that have the squeege and strip washer connected together which means you can catch the majority of the drips as you draw the tool down the roof panel.



Conservatory roof panels


 A better option, nowadays, is to use a micro-fibre cloth pad on a short extendable pole.

Squirt either pure water or window cleaner spray onto the Conservatory roof panels and then using the pad, rub away until the panel is clean.

Extendable pole

 Again you have a choice between using the strip washer and squeege or a micro-fibre cloth pad.

Conservatory roof from inside


 Using an extendable pole is much safer than reaching off a stepladder, but you will find it quite hard work, as reaching above your head will work your muscles in a way that tires them quite quickly.


 You will need to exert quite some pressure on the pole to be able to get the Conservatory roof panels clean.

 You will need to squirt the water or spray onto the pad, and if there are a lot of fly marks on the roof panels, you might need to squirt quite a lot on the pad to be able to shift the marks.


Window Cleaning Vacuums


 Another option that has recently become available is the small hand-held window cleaning vacuums which can be used with an extendable pole to squeege these internal roof panels.

 You would still need to apply your cleaning solution with an applicator on a pole.


 Clean your Conservatory windows as you clean the rest of your interior windows and finish off the frames by using a damp micro-fibre cloth to remove any grime.

 Any stains can be removed by using UPVC Cream Cleaner and a slightly damp cloth.


 I hope you have found these Conservatory Interior cleaning tips useful.


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