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Conservatory Gutter cleaning

What about cleaning the gutters on the conservatory roof?

 This includes clearing of the inside of the gutters and downpipes of debris, followed by the cleaning of the outside of these gutters and downpipes.


Conservatory Gutter Clearing.

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 It is important to use a solid set of stepladders that will give you a stable platform to work from.

 It would be a great help if these steps are tall enough to allow you to place your bucket on the platform whilst you stand on a lower step. This would leave both of your hands free to support yourself whilst reaching into the gutters.

 algae covered conservatory roof  Gutter clearing with brush
Conservatory Downpipes.

 The first thing to check is that the downpipes are not blocked otherwise when you start to flush these gutters the water can back up and the weight of this water can cause the gutters to fall off.

 If they are blocked you will need to dismantle them to dislodge the debris into your bucket. Some of these downpipes can be screwed in place to stop them from slipping, so unscrewing the brackets may be needed to aid in the dismantling.

 Another way is to make use of a flexible wire or stick to gradually dislodge the blockage whilst the downpipe is still in place. I have used a heavy duty hosepipe to do this whilst having a steady water flow running to help flush this blockage away.

 blocked downpipe

unblocking downpipe

 Blocked s bend on gutter downpipe  


Gutter support brackets - When clearing debris from Conservatory gutters the main problem is the internal support brackets found every 3 foot or so.

 I have found that many of the Conservatories that we clean do not have sufficient support brackets fitted. This can allow the gutters to sag under the weight of debris and standing water.

 It is important to check before you begin the clearing of debris, that the brackets are clipped in place. Over the years these brackets can work loose and therefore provide no support. This means you could dislodge the whole gutter if you are not careful.

 When removing the debris you will have to be careful not to dislodge the support brackets whilst working close to them.


 Once the debris is removed you will notice that the internal surface of the gutter will be extremely soiled. I found a small hand held wire handled flexible brush great for removing this soiling.

 The gutters will need to be flushed clean with a hose-pipe.

Conservatory roof bar end-cap

 The bottom edge of the Conservatory roof panels can be cleaned at this time and the hand held brush is good for this.

 There will be small covers over the bottom section of the roof spars and these can easily be dislodged, so careful use of this brush can clean these.

Conservatory Gutter cleaning

 I have always used our water fed poles to clean the outside of the gutters, as the brushes agitate and loosen the grime and the water flushes it away.

 Another way of cleaning the gutters is to use a damp micro-fibre cloth to clean the external surface of the gutters.

 If you want to, applying UPVC cleaner with a dry cloth will remove any stains that are not removed by the micro-fibre cloth.

 Finally there are protective coatings available that will retard the soiling of the UPVC surfaces.

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