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Conservatory Cleaning


Over the last 30 years I have been asked to clean many different types of Conservatories, Orangeries and Garden rooms.



I have had to find ways of cleaning the Roof and Trellising as well as the Gutters on the inside and out as well as the internal roof panels and windows.

Some of these have taken us all day to clean when we have done the internal and external surfaces.

There can be as many windows on a Conservatory as on the rest of the house.

Conservatory roof cleaners in South Cheshire and North Staffordshire for over 30 years can be found at www.pure-and-clean.co.uk

Conservatory roof panels


On sunny days it can be very difficult to clean the glass on the inside of the Conservatory as you are looking straight into the sun and having to work in a very warm atmosphere. 

Check out the following aspects of cleaning Conservatories :-

  • Conservatory Gutter cleaning
    Conservatory Gutter cleaning - This includes clearing of the inside of the gutters and downpipes of debris, followed by the cleaning of the outside of these gutters and downpipes.
  • Conservatory Interior cleaning
    Conservatory Interior cleaning including roof panels and interior windows and frames. How to clean the inside of a conservatory roof. Well there are 2 ways that I know of, either using a set of stepladders to reach up, or using an extendable pole.
  • Conservatory Roof cleaning
    Conservatory roof cleaning tips and advice Conservatory roof cleaning thankfully only comes round once or twice a year. This task can take several hours to complete and involves quite a lot of effort as well as some specialised tools. But the cleaning reults can be quite dramatic.





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