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 Save time and money with spring cleaning tips


 Although this web site is about spring clean tips, it does cover many areas of cleaning that take place in summer, autumn, winter as well as the season of spring.

 Traditionaly it is when the first warm rays of spring sunshine break through the winter gloom, that our minds turn to the cleaning up of the the effects of the winter storms and the short dull days.

 Internally and externally winter takes it's toll, and it's effects tend to be cumulitive. The problem is that we tend to want to deal with all of these effects in one day of tornado like action.

 This is where a plan of action or spring cleaning schedule really comes into it's own.

 External spring cleaning tips.


 The outside of our houses do take the brunt of the effects of winter, and spring cleaning normally takes place on the first sunny weekend of spring. In many countries this could be the first week of spring and totally predictable.

 Sadly, here in the U.K. we never know when spring will come or when that first sunny weekend will be.

 This means that here in the U.K. spring cleaning tends to be a spontaneous decision rather than a well planned event.

 That first sunny weekend can see the garden centres jammed with eager consumers and the cleaning departments of our supermarkets a hive of activity.


 So my first spring clean tips are :-

  •  Do not wait for the first sunny weekend.
  •  Start to plan your cleaning schedule well before spring.
  •  Begin the purchase of cleaning materials and chemicals before prices rise in the spring.
  •  Work out which spring cleaning tasks need to be done when the weather is fine and which can be done in bad weather?

cleaning brick paths

 Which spring clean tasks can you do and which ones you will need professional help?

 We have cleaning methods and springcleantips for



 Internal spring cleaning tips


 After a long winter, those first warm days stimulate the desire to de-clutter and re-organise the inside of our houses. Spring clean tips will explore ways of cleaning all of the area's and surfaces found in the modern household.


Internal Conservatory roof panels

 We do focus on Carpet cleaning methods and equipment as I spent many years cleaning every kind of carpet you could name.

 But as this website develops we will have spring clean tips for the Kitchen, Bathroom and every area of the house that you can imagine.



  I have also added some pages on :-

starting up a cleaning business, Gardening Tips and Solar Power DIY

as these area's have played a large part in my life.


 I have spent the last 20 years helping people start cleaning businesses and the last 5 years learning how to design websites.




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